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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Get pampared like a princess at Le Spa!

I go for massages very very frequently till the extent that I think I might probably be addicted to massages. And due to this, I am actually quite aware of the good and bad massage therapists after having being massaged by so many therapists from all over Asia before. (Haven't had the chance of getting massaged by a Caucasian though :p)

Last week, i got the chance to get pampared by Le Spa! A soothing and enchanting oriental arena for relaxation spa therapy, body and foot massages as well as rejuvenation of your bodies. The word 'oriental' got me very very excited as I personally feel that the best therapists that ever laid hands on me were from China.

Upon arrival, I was asked to sign in and choose the kind of therapy which i would like to have. They offered 3 kinds of body massages (90 minutes) and they were -
Le Urban Fushion (LUF)
Le Royal Balinese
Le Classic Swedish Retreats

I enquired about all of them to get a better understanding and was told by the very friendly and knowledgeable receptionist (i think it's ultra important to know your services well so that customers will know and understand what they will be getting). 

The receptionist explained that Le Urban Fushion is for tired people who needs massages with strong pressure, Le Royal Balinese performs massages of long strokes (medium strength) and Le Classic Swedish Retreats is a kind of relaxation massage performed with lighter pressure.

I chose the Le Urban Fushion as i personally preferred very strong therapists to ease my forever aching and tired neck and shoulders. (Sometimes back and feet too, i think i quite problematic, haha)

I was then led to the room where I was supposed to receive my therapy. 
Decorated with oriental lightings, ornaments and decorations, surrounded by soothing spa music and aromatherapy, the ambience was so tranquil and perfect for people looking for relaxation after a super tired and stressful day at work.

 They gave me a spacious and luxurious couple room even though i came alone.Tastefully decorated with comfortable massage beds and a cup of nice warm tea awaits me at the table.

And so, the Le Urban Fushion massage begins!!!

The therapist I had was soooooooooo FANTASTIC!!! You may think i am exaggerating so let me explain in more details.

First and most important for me, she was really skillful, she knew exactly the points to put pressure on and applied the RIGHT amount of pressure, hence, it wasn't painful but yet, I felt something which is the very SHIOK feeling when you get pressed at the correct place with the correct amount of strength.

Secondly, i specifically told her to focus and spend more time on my aching neck and shoulders and she did just that, i LOVE massages on my neck especially, the muscles there were completely loosened and relaxed by the end of the session, very good job! (A lot of times when i made this request at other places, the therapists sometimes either forget or they don't do a good job even if they remembered).

Thirdly, well, how do i say this? For some unknown reasons, this therapist seems to have a pair of MAGIC hands, they were WARM and fuzzy, it's like she just immersed her hands in warm water before touching me, i have never came across any therapist like that, I guess it should be her natural body temperature (i came across another person who's body temperatures were slightly higher than normal people and the funny thing is they were not running a fever). and i LOVED the warmness emitted naturally from her hands. Where to find another therapist like this? I think she's like one in a million.

Last but not least, the therapist was very attentive to my needs, she asked a couple of times if the aircon temperature was ok and if the amount of strength she exerted was fine (i told her to go ahead and use more strength and she said she was afraid to hurt me cuz i was so petite!)

After the therapy, i was led outside where i sat and enjoyed another cup of warm ginger tea.

On my way out, i passed by the modern furnished bath rooms where you can take a shower.

Also passed by the big and comfy leather chairs for foot reflexology. I so wanna try this next time, looks like i can fall into sweet slumber in this big chair.

More pics before signing off!

The massage was EXTREMELY good, i felt that i could FLOAT right after the therapy, so relaxed and very very rejuvenated!!!

For more information, do visit them or give them a call for reservations.

Facebook Page: 

LE SPA Location Address:
14 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069253

Contact 6222 6803 


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