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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

now, a peep at the recent entries of my shopping diary:

girl boxers

Glitter wristlets

babydoll top

Baby Jane Tank (pink)

Tube Halter (lavender)

not forgetting the whole chunk of clothes i bagged out from the mango sales:

just bought 2 tarts- Angel Kisses and Vanilla Lace.

i haven't mentioned all those recent Christmas gifts.
and here's the gift i bought for one of my dearest friends, which i mentioned in one of my previous posts:

the words read: Our friendship's in The Bag

oohh, isn't it cute? i love looking at it and i can spend the whole nite listening to the music and allowing it to sweep me away to lalaland or some other wonderland. i hope she likes it just like i do.

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