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Monday, April 28, 2014

[Review] Essential Sleeping Hair Mask!

This is an unpaid review of Essential's new product the Sleeping Hair Mask.

I'm quite a lazy person especially when it comes to my hair, i am considered very fortunate to be born with hair of soft and silky straight texture by nature, many times when i went for hair cuts at salons, the hairstylists would ask me if my hair was rebonded but i would tell them no, it's natural and they would comment on how manageable my hair is :)

However, the downside is that my hair is very limp and lack of volume, i also have a scalp that tends to get rather oily and due to these reasons, i don't bother using conditioner because this would tend to cause my scalp to get even oilier. I don't even have the habit of combing my hair, i usually just towel dry my hair after i shower and leave it on his own to dry.

But i know that in the long run if i continue this lazy habit, my hair, especially the ends will get dry and split ends will appear. So, when i heard of this Sleeping Hair Mask and i thought i could just apply it to the bottom half of my hair and go to sleep without bothering about anything else, I WAS SO ATTRACTED!!!

Hence, i went to google for it online and found out that they were giving away FREE SAMPLES, you can check out their facebook page: for FREE SAMPLES OF ESSENTIAL SLEEPING HAIR MASK.

I received my samples yesterday and tried them last night before sleeping.

 Each package has 2 samples inside.

My hair was kind of knotted up before using it because i don't have the habit of combing my hair  ;P

I squeezed out all the contents in the sample packet. The texture is milky and white in colour.

Applying the mask on the lower half of my hair, avoiding the scalp area because it has alot of natural moisture aka oil already.

It is light weight and very easily absorbed and smells awesome!!!

After about 2 hours, my hair looked like this and i loved it!!!! It's seriously smooth and very soft to the touch. It has this slight shimmer too. I cannot stop smelling and touching it.

Thus, i would like to recommend this very good product to everyone who is as lazy as me, you can just apply it to sleep and leave it to work on it's own.

It's supposed to protect your hair from pillow damages and you can now wake up to smoother and manageable hair!!! What a gem! i'm definitely going to purchase a bottle of this later!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Korea Plastic Surgery Adventure Part 4 (1-3 months post op)

Will be updating more on my recovery stages.

My face is not so stiff now as alot of the fats grafted to my smile lines and chin has 'died', my chin doesn't look as sharp and more natural now.

Here are my most recent pics:

Friday, April 25, 2014

Marina Bay Sands Hotel at very much reduced prices!!!

I am letting go of 1-4 nights stay at Marina Bay Sands.
Deluxe, Premier (Club room and Orchid Suite are available at very low prices as well).

Rates range from:

DELUXE ROOM (Garden View with free excess to skypark and infinite pool)
Weekday: SGD$280 nett
Weekend: SGD$300 nett

PREMIER ROOM with spacious bath tub(Garden View with free excess to skypark and infinite pool)
Weekday: SGD$340 nett
Weekend: SGD$370 nett

CLUB ROOM (free sky park and pool passes, complimentary breakfast, afternoon tea and evening cocktails and canapes)
Weekday: $450 nett
Weekend: $480 nett

ORCHID SUITE (free sky park and pool passes, complimentary breakfast, afternoon tea and evening cocktails and canapes)
Weekday: $650 nett
Weekend: $680 nett

Prices are inclusive of all taxes, there are no other hidden costs

Period for stay: any day subject to availability till July 2014

Interested, pls email me at with your name, contact number, your room typeand the date which you want to stay so i can check availability.

Thank you, and this offer is only valid for first come first serve basis

Thursday, April 24, 2014

[REVIEW] The Skin Concept- Intense wrinkle care snail cream

Recently I was given a bottle of this amazing wrinkle cream to try out.

Have been using it for about one week and I am very impressed with the results. My skin is so soft to the touch, even my boyfriend says 'wow'. I use this nightly as a moisturizer and its becoming a staple for me. Lately, i don't even apply loose powder or foundation when i'm out.

Hence, it is a MUST to recommend this product to all my readers.

It absorbs readily into the skin leaving it soft and supple without any grease or stickiness and this is the best thing i like about this product.

You can even use this as a make up base.

Retails at $128 per bottle but I am able to get this at 10% off, do email me at if interested.

The snail mucin a.k.a snail slime contains regenerative properties which helps in fast healing of scarring and blemished skin, while the marine collagen maintains elasticity of my skin and prevent wrinkles from forming!
This snail cream is specially formulated with the most effective ingredients, so that my skin can fully absorb everything!
For more information about this new holy grail of mine, click here: Www.facebook/TheSkinConcept

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kim's Place Seafood

We were actually intending to have dinner at the Peranakan restaurant near this place but we were too late and they were closed so our next best alternative was Kim's Seafood which was just steps away.

The restaurant was divided into 2. One section was totally empty and they led us there.

we are huge fans of oysters and decided to order these. There were very fresh and extremely fleshy and huge and costs about $5+ each. Will come back here for the oysters again.

i used to love Kim's Hokkien mee very much but this time this seems a little disappointing. Probably the chilli didn't give it enough 'oomph' or the 'wok' taste didn't emerge.

Broccolli with Venison. Venison was tender enough for our liking. Pretty normal dish.

43, 45 & 47 Joo Chiat Place
 (Junction of Tembeling Road)
Singapore 427767
Tel: 6742 1119 / Fax: 6348 9645
Opening Hours: 
Monday to Saturday 11am - 3am
Sunday 11am - 1am

My blogging journey

well, my blogging journey started a long way back about 10 years ago in 2004?

I started because it was quite a thing in trend at that time, i was still in secondary school, i would then blog about boring stuff like my activities for that day, how i felt etc... reading back on those posts, i actually felt quite silly to have felt like that last time.

Then my blog became a shopping and food diary, i would post pictures of clothes, cosmetics, skincare products and other items i bought and also post pictures of food with the intention of sharing the yummy food i ate with other readers online.

after graduating from school, i started to have my own income and started travelling, something which i had extreme passion for until now. i visited many places and documented my travel journey, provided many pictures and travel information for those who are interested to visit. I think this was what attracted my blog to many readers.

The lastest thing happening on my blog are my plastic surgery posts. Some of you may have read it already and my article was published in Stomp, Lolipop and Asiaone.

Link to my article on Asiaone here:

From then on, my inbox was flooded with readers asking me information about plastic surgery. My blog statistics rocketed tremendously and I realised i was very keen to answer all questions about my surgery and keen to help those in doubt. From here, i found another kind of love for blogging.

Now, i am proud and happy to announce that i am part of the MPF family and i sincerely thank them for inviting me to join their family.

Being a blogger isn't just about writing, it takes courage and guts to write an honest piece of opinion about yourself. If you are interested in blogging, here's something that may be of interest to you:

Please click on this link: on how to participate and be the next MFP blogger!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Spring time in Singapore!

Was greeted by this pretty sight on the way for lunch just now. 

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Plastic Surgery Group Trip to Seoul! (15 May - 22 May 2014)

Hi everyone,
Thank you for reading my blog.

Due to the overwhelming responses that i receive everyday, i realised that i find joy in talking and sharing about my plastic surgery experiences and because I am personally really pleased with my natural results, i decided to organize a plastic surgery trip to Seoul and recommend my clinic to everyone who is keen to go together.

The reason I am doing this is also because I need to have more fats pumped to my face (only about 30% of the fats grafted will survive after a few months), so May would be a good time for me to revisit Seoul again!

I will be going all alone this time, so do join me for those interested. Will help fix appointments for consultation for you guys as well as arrange for accomodation and air tickets. Will also be around to help you guys out in times of difficulties and doubts. Details here:

Date: 15 May - 22 May 2014
Airlines: Singapore Airlines (SQ)
Cost of air ticket: $728.20 (promo fare!!! buy ticket by 17 April to enjoy promo fare)

Accomodation: (can choose)

1) Cozy and clean Studio Apartment in Gangnam (easy access to airport, airport limousine bus just steps away and 10 minutes walk from clinic)
approx $55 (can sleep up to 4 pax) or $150 (whole apartment)

2) Young Dong (3.5 star) Hotel (5 mins walk from clinic)
approx $55 (twin sharing) or about $100 single.

Consultation with clinic will be fixed with the chief surgeon of the clinic.

Other pre and post surgeries services will be included as well.

Please email me at for more enquiries and details about this beauty trip!!!


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