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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


How was Christmas for all of you?
Hope you all had a great and enjoyable time, or for those who stayed at home, hope you all had a peaceful time at least :)

I love Christmas and one reason for this is because of the presents, heehee.
It's like everyone's birthday because everyone is entitled to Christmas presents!

Year 2007 seem to be over in a flash, it's really very fast and i can still remember very vividly how last year's christmas was spent though it was a good one year ago.
Anyway, here's some pics of my simple Christmas celebration with my lovely and crazy and sometimes, very silly friends

We were at an American style restaurant in Raffles Hotel, Seah Street Deli.
This is my 3rd time dining here for Christmas, not because the food is great but because... erm.. of some very rubbish reasons.

Us and humongous Santa who gave us sweets and said he was going to meet his reindeers.

Mozerlla Cheese sticks.
It's worth a try if you're a cheese lover.
The cheese isn't melty, instead, it's a fried and stretchy.

Fried Calamaris
They are big and yummy!
They snapped once i sank my teeth into them, extremely chewy and goes really well with tar tar sauce.

Beef Potroast.
It's like finely sliced stewed beef with mashed potatoes and some carrots.
I kinda like it actually but i would prefer a rib-eye steak actually but ended up with this instead as i heard some good reviews about it.

Karyn's burger and it's not really nice.

Jo's fried chicken which i think isn't nice too, cuz she said that it isn't great.

Diana's pork ribs (if i'm not wrong) that came with baby potatoes.

Fiona's beef and mushroom burger (i forgot the proper name for this) but it's nice cuz i'm a beef lover as well as a burger lover.

On our way to party at Rain.

Where am i??

Some random updates:

Dustbin Man's birthday @Club Street


Nor's birthday dinner @Pasir Panjang

my ultimate favourite BAMBOO CLAMS!
The ones served here were a little disappointing, the garlic taste was too overwhelming and somewhat bitter, i think this spoilt the dish.

Nonetheless, i still love Bamboo Clams alot.
These cost $6 for one.

La-la, the person who cooked this did it better than the bamboo clams.

Flatfish, which looks like and taste very similar to stingray.
Spicy and yummy, finally something that is satisfying!

Chiili crab.
Unlike other chilli crabs that you get from other places, the chilli crab served here is mixed with some peanut paste, so it tastes like spicy peanut paste, rather unique combination.
Crabmeat is fresh and cheap too.

I totally forgot what is this, it's crab but i forgot the flavour of it.
Because it's unimpressive thats why i forgot it.

The lucky birthday boy had 2 birthday cakes!

Bing's birthday cum MJ session

Bing decided to cook some dinner for us too

Bing's vongole

Bing cooked the pasta on the spot upon 'ordering'

Thursday, December 20, 2007

it's 4 days to Christmas, my favourite time of the year!
but until now, i've absolutely no idea how christmas will be like this year. :(

December to me and lots of others means shopping and splurging usually 'unnecessarily'. and yes, the shopping bug hit me again today!

within one day, i snapped all of these up online.

The seller calls this piece 'Madison'.

I bought the one in Sea Green.

I bought the same dress in Black which isn't in the picture here.

Keyhole legggings!

Instead of using my feet to shop, i use my fingers to shop, while sitting down on my bed, sometimes i can even lie down and buy things online when my back is feeling tired.
How easy can shopping get these days. ;)

Also, some time last week, i bought these:

Ferrero Rocher 'rondnoir', straight from USA.
instead of the usual hazelnut chocolate, the rondnoir is a unique combination of a dark chocolate cream surrounding a "black pearl" of fine dark chocolate, within a delicate, crisp wafer topped with crunchy dark chocolate morsels.

I kinda like it, but i feel it's more or less the same as the usual ferrero rocher, but still, being the chocolate lover that i am, i wasn't disappointed with the rondnoir.

and i bought many many masks!
i've never bought so many masks in my life.
will update pics and some reviews about these masks soon.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

For all NDS addicts and Cooking Mama lovers...

Cooking Mama 2 is out!!
i'm totally hooked to it and it's much better than the first version :)

I alwayz wonder if those recipes could be used in real life.
Especially for cooking dummies like me.
Cuz they really sound very yummy!

Oh, and i have 2 Genting Bus tickets for sale.
Departing on Fri, 14th December (10.30pm) and coming back on Mon, 17th December (2pm)
Coach is by Grassland, price negotiable.
If you're interested and didn't manage to grab a seat on the coach to Genting this December, pls email me! (

Monday, November 19, 2007

My new assymetrical bob cut.
i think it isn't as nice as i wanted it to be, thinking of whether i should get it trimmed and cut again?

Dinner at Spaggedies.

Here are some random and food reviews pictures in my camera:

Dinner at Togi (again) cuz we all love TOGI!

The famous 6 free-flow side dishes.

BBQ-ed Pork

The BBQ-ed pork when cooked.
the pork is a little tough i must say.

Korean Pancake.
this is so yummy!
crispy on the outside and soft on the inside :)

Beef is tasty too!

Seafood Kimchi soup.
The soup is spicy and has a strong crab taste which we all liked :)
and it's very addictive too!

Bibimbap, as i mentioned before, the bibimbap here is a little bland, the other dishes are wayyyyyyyyyyyy better compared to this.
i ordered it cuz i was famished and i needed rice to fill me up.

Spicy and chewy!

The diners:

We went chilling out after dinner:

Zhang Hui Mei's Concert Nov 8th 2007 in Singapore

Till now, i can't get over a-mei's concert.
her vocals are superb.
such a dynamic voice housed in a petite frame.

I didn't take alot of pictures cuz my camera can't capture the pictures very well.

see what i mean?

Towards the end of the concert, she managed to get everyone on their feet!
and the concert was around 3 hours plus long, the longest concert i've ever attended and undeniably, one of the best!


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