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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

[Food Review] Lai Huat Sambal Fish Restaurant

Some of you might have already heard of this restaurant which opened years ago.

However, this relatively new restaurant is opened by the nephew of Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant located at Horne Road. This is opened by chef/owner Patrick Lim and is located at Siglap. After years of apprenticeship from his grandfather and a burning desire and passion to pass down his grandfather's signature dishes, this latest Lai Huat establishment was opened.

Monday, November 17, 2014

[Food Review] The Boiler SG

Owned by bankers-turned restaurateurs, “The Boiler” is a Southern American-inspired seafood joint that serves up fresh seafood in Louisiana style known as Seafood Boil. The restaurant, despite being located in an industrial area, was almost filled to the brim on a weekday evening and is surprisingly spacious and provides not only fresh communal style seafood but also a wide range of alcoholic beverages too.

 Started off with some delicious appetizers. Clearly remembered the Southern Chicks and Waffles where a piece of tender chicken is placed on top of waffles held together by a toothpick.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

[Review] chin-fillers-botox-one-point-v-face 2

More than a month has passed after my first session at  Dr Tiffiny Yang Aesthetic & Surgery Clinic. In case you haven't read yet, I did One Point V Face treatment which consists of chin fillers and botox to achieve a slimmer, v-shaped look.

The chin fillers showed immediate effects and around 20-30% of it would subside after about a week. However, for botox to take effect, it takes approximately 1 month after injection. So here I am again updating the results of my treatment because botox have fully kicked in by now.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

[Food Review] Jin Long Seafood Restaurant 金隆海鲜菜馆

Jin Long Seafood Restaurant 金隆海鲜菜馆 has been established for decades in the cozy neighbourhood of Bedok. They started from a very humble stall in a coffeeshop and expanded their business into a full-fledged restaurant to provide a clean and comfortable air conditioned environment for their growing customers

I was introduced to this place earlier this year due to an invitation to a friend's birthday celebration. Was pretty impressed with their dishes and brought my family here few months later again.

Jin Long is now located under a HDB block facing the main road. With it's vibrant signage, it' s hard to miss it when you are at this area. There is a huge car park right at the block.

We were here on a weekday evening and the restaurant was about 80% full so be sure to make reservations before coming.


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