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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

i think i'm hopeless sometimes.
i just got back from my trip and i'm supposed to be really really tired from a long journey but the first thing i did when i got back was to go online, was supposed to only check my email but i ended up shopping!!

here's what i just bought:

when shopping's over, i feel tired again.
will blog about my trip soon!

good nite :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

i bought these 3 days ago:

Carebear lip gloss in raspeberry flavour!

Good Luck Carebear lip balm.

aren't they cute?
i wonder if they're good but they look totally irresistable!

i bought this green forever 21 inspired tube dress too:


In the search for good Korean food...........................

I did a little bit of research online and also after recommendation by one of my friend, i decided to try TOGI for some Korean food.

It's located at Mosque Street (Chinatown) and at the lane opposite CTC travel.
It gives you a really homely feeling, which is somewhat cosy but a little too noisy as all the diners get together.

Look at the crowd!
It's really crowded for a Tuesday evening and there was a long queue outside too.

Decorated with simple and cute traditional Korean polaroids.
The stuff are all native Korean too, they can all speak Chinese and a little English for some.

Every customer gets a wide array of 6 side dishes for free, and they're refillable and free-flow.

They are namely, kimchi, ikan billis, spinach, boiled potatoes in strips etc.
i particularly loved the kimchi for it's crunchiness and the boiled potatoes, they're so sweet!

I think it could be better as it was slightly bland although the ingredients were generously poured in.
I feel Tampines Mall's foodcourt's MANNA Korean stall serves nicer and better Bibimbap.

Rice cake!
These are starchy and chewy korean style cakes accompanied by some noodles.

We asked for some lettuces to go along with the sides and the rice cakes.

The BEST DISH HERE that i've tried!

The soup is spicy but it doesn't cause numbness, it's very rich in flavour as well as ingredients.
It is cooked with korean spices as well as tuna, flakes of tuna can be found inside the soup.
That's what gave this soup the great taste, we totally loved this!

I will go back to TOGI again whenever i crave for spicy kimchi soup.
There are lots of others to try as well :)

Goodnight people, loves.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

*Guangzhou Day 5* (sept 2007)

*Guangzhou Day 5* (sept 2007)

i'm so sorry for the late updates!

Lunch at a Korean fast food restaurant just at the ground floor of our hotel.

If i don't remember wrongly, this is bibimbap.
i remember being a little sick on that day, was down with a bad sore throat and
a minor flu.

Fiona's mango smoothie


Tou fu!

Seafood Ramen and i remember this is spicy!

Pasta- my order.
and it tasted like Hokkien Mee, says Fiona.


My mad friends.

Doing my hair extensions.
I spent 5 hours here, 3 hours doing my hair and another 2 hours bargaining with the people who tried to cheat me with a very extravagant price.

What an experience that left us all in shock at that time.
But now, it became hilarious whenever we talk about it :)

Our dinner is at this really big seafood restaurant.
This is our most expensive dinner for this trip.

It's like a seafood market downstairs.

In Cantonese, this is called "Lai Liu Ha", a direct translation in English would be "Urine Prawns"
can someone tell me what exactly are these called?

They look like a combination of prawn + crayfish.
The head looks like a miniature crayfish's head while the body resembles that of a prawn.

It tastes really juicy and nice!
Where to find this in SIngapore?

Cheese oysters!

Big Hary Crabs!
It's my first time trying these and i really love them!
It only costs SGD6 for 1!
they say the male crabs taste better than the female ones, but the ones we had were female ones as they do not have male ones at that time.

Anyway, big hairy crabs are in season now, you can find it at Ding Tai Fung but they are very costly here, at SGD43.
I think Crystal Jade and some other cantonese/chinese restaurants should have them too.

Steamed fish

Zhu Jiang River!
it's just opposite the big restaurant we had dinner in.

My friends are really crazy at times, i tell you.
Actually they're crazy all the time!
Whenever we're together we're alwayz talking nonsense, teasing and scolding each other and laughing all the time.

Back at the hotel after massage.

This is the end of my Guangzhou trip Travaganza!

I'm going away again this weekend!!!
I haven't informed my mum and i don't even have the guts to tell her actually, as i've been travelling so often, it seems like i'm travelling every month!
I must really stop my nonsense soon.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Guangzhou Day 4! (Sept 2007)


Guangzhou Day 4! (Sept 2007)

On our way to lunch!
Homey is the name of my beloved cosy home in Singapore!

Every morning, we have to drink this really bitter herbal tea because we were all heaty and so proned to falling sick.

We're back at TAO again because we simply miss the food there and we wanna recommend our friends there as well.

Yummy brinjals that melt in the mouth!

Lonely Duck's picture.

actual dish, LONELY DUCK, 寂寞鸭。
It doesn't make me feel lonely but i feel unhappy eating this cuz it doesn't taste as fantastic as it's suppose to be.

The peanuts were cold and soggy too :(
thats why i said before, 2nd time at TAO's was a big disappointment.
hmm.. maybe the cooked changed? or we ordered the wrong dishes?

Bamboo clams, they were quite alright, but better if they were bigger and juicier.

If i don't remember wrongly, this is pork knuckles.

Salted eggs.
The rest said this was nice, for me, i'm not really an egg person so i can't say much.

Pork Knuckle Soup.
The soup is rich but extremely salty!!

Hu Nan Smelly Beancurd!
These are tremendously smelly and they really smell like diahhorea!
It's so much worse than the ones found in HK and TW.
Only a few of us tried it and 2 of us ended up spitting it out on the table cuz we couldn't take the pungent smell, one of them was me :P
the brave one who actually swallowed it...... will you have eternal bad breath?

Water snakes!
They look really slimy and scary but they tasted ok actually.

In the cab.

We came to this place because they wanted a professional haircut.

Puppies for sale at only SGD20.

Gong gong and toot toot

Toot toot and gong gong

Now it's our turn!

I past by a cute manicure parlour, it's so pretty in pink!

Yippy it's dinner time at Cafe Coral!

Eel bento set.


Steak Set.

Baked pork rice, this is really yummy!!


Shopping buys!

Here are some stuff i bought during last month and this month.

I love this dress to bits!
I wore it to Fiona's birthday party last weekend.
It's comfy and easy to match.

Grey skinnies, that fit me!

Babydoll top that is slightly too big.

a box of 10 pairs of falsies!!

Yoga Skinny Pants from Old Navy in heather grey and black :)
maybe these will give me the inspiration to start learning Yoga which i alwayz wanted to but never found the groove to move.

Oversized shades at only around $6?
i thought it was a super cheap deal!

Cucumber eye masks, i heard they are really soothing, so i bought some to try but they haven't arrived in the mail yet.

Black heads remover brush.

Jodi Picoult's My sister's keeper.

and another book about the biography of a Geisha in Gion, but not the memoirs of a geisha cuz i've already read that one years ago.

i've alwayz been curious and interested in the cultures and history of Geishas.
i find them very mysterious and i dream of having an interview with a Geisha, one who speaks understandable English would be perfect.

I have lots of food reviews too, but not today, very soon, i promise!

Bye and good night!


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