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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Japan 2009- Hokkaido (Furano) Day 5

Japan 2009- Hokkaido (Furano) Day 5

JR Furano Station

The eateries around here usually open after 11am and we were a tad too early.

luckily we managed to find a place for breakfast (we had 3 of this!)

Cheese Factory
we took a bus here from JR Furano Station, it is best to check the tourist centre for information on the bus timings, cuz there is only about 1 bus every hour.

furano cheese

cheese making demonstration

exotic ice-cream flavours!

we got the cheese and grape flavours.

waiting for the bus back to Furano Station

while waiting, we ate and ate and ate...

bus journey to Farm Tomita

very scenic views of Furano

Farm Tomita entrance!

Melon drink, very sweet melons!

Hokkaido melons are uber sweet and extremely juice, they don't come very cheap, but its a definite must-try!!

Lavenders for sale!

Beautiful rolling rainbow fields!!
I felt like i was in heaven!

Lavender Ice-cream! tastes slightly like vanilla, nothing very special in my opinion, but just try it when you're there!:)

cream puff and honey pudding

Lavender Soda

Incredibly pretty Lavender field

we just can't get enough of these melons, they're entirely different from the ones we can find here in Singapore.
it costs about 500 yen per slice, expensive but so worth it and since i'm not always in Hokkaido, i just ate while i can!

Hokkaido corns are also uber sweet, i simply LOVE Hokkaido food sooooo much!

back to Sumire Inn

i like the cute beds, though they're not exactly the softest futons (Japanese mattress) that i slept on, they just look so homely and cosy.

entrance of Sumire Inn

vintage Sumire Inn

Friendly cat from Sumire Inn

Dinner at KUMAGERA (located in central Furano)

Typical Japanese style restaurant

Furano Cheese Tofu- this is a cold dish, very yummy!

Preparing for our Sukiyaki dinner

wagyu beef

Furano Cheese Sausage

Furano Potatoes

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