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Monday, August 29, 2005

i had my birthday dinner at Muthu's Curry with all my dearest friends

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Fish Head Curry $20+ for the medium pot

Image hosted by
Sri Lankan Crabs
Price: can't remember

Image hosted by
Tandoori Chicken

We alwayz happen to make new friends along the way.
Some of them come and go.
Some stay permanently, leaving beautiful memories that are carved in my heart forever.

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The peeps who gave me the Gucci clutch!
i'm loving it.
Thank you so much..

Next up at Sky Bar:
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i have mumps.

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i'm flying to Taiwan tomorrow!!!

i need to rush off to pack my luggage now and have dinner with Syl and Yvonne.
We are going to play no-nok game!

i actually have lots more to blog and some other peeps to mention but i really have no time now, if i type anymore, someone will come here and kick my monitor.

Take care everyone!
i'll miss you all.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

i'm so happy with my buys today!!!

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Heart Shaped Chocolate FOndue Set

i can't wait to use it,
but first, i gotta learn how to make really fudgy and sweet chocolate first.

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Kitten Heels by Brazilliano Praia
i found it, after months and months and months of searching.
*heaves a big sigh of relief*

this is the cutest pair of soft shell crabs i've ever seen:

Image hosted by
ain't they adorable??
they look like they were being cut out from a comic book. :P
i almost couldn't bear to stomach them.

and some pictures taken last week,
featuring the terrific dishes whipped up by Bing.

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Pork Ribs with Coke
yes, Coke as in the soft drink, Coca Cola.
Thanks to diorsnow from sharing this idea.

results: REALLY GREAT!!!!

it doesn't taste of coke at all and produces this sweet but tasty gravy.

Image hosted by
i call this the Three Treasures Soup
cuz it contains sharksfin, abalone and scallops.
really delicious!!

Image hosted by
our mini steamboat last Sunday.
i love my cuttlefish cheese ball! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

last week was Food Festival Week for me.

i spent the days eating and eating and messing with the tiles on the Mahjong table.
Day in, day out.

On Tuesday, we indulged in Shangri-la Hotel's THE LINE.

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The Line is a predominatly white restaurant set against light orange boxes on the ceiling and bright blue accent walls.
Rated the best international buffet in Singapore currently, it now also holds the title of "Mother of all Buffets"

Image hosted by

The attractive display of abundant food spanning across the continents is just like an artist's handiwork:

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

Image hosted by
selected from the Chinese section by Bing.

Image hosted by
i took all kinds of fish from the Jap and Western areas.

These were slowly followed by:

Image hosted by
i love the idea of serving tantalizing seafood in shot glasses.
P/S the prawns are sweet! But the cold crab legs were a major disappointment.

Image hosted by
Selection was few but quality was superb.

Image hosted by
Pasta, pizza, cheesy baked potato and my favourite Semolina Gnocchi
I managed to spell this with the help of the friendly chefs who wrote it out for me on a piece of tissue ;)

Image hosted by
My Dim Sum plate.

Image hosted by
Meat, and the amazingly fantastic Sword Fish.

Image hosted by
Wanton Mee.
don't attempt to try this cuz even a kitchen idiot like me can make better soup anytime.

Image hosted by
Adding more colours to the display were the desserts, laid out in rows of shotglasses as well.

and one of the main attraction to this new kitchen is:

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The Chocolate Fountain.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Dipping strawberries in flowing gushes of chocolate.

Image hosted by
Teppanyaki Ice cream!!

Image hosted by

After eat, comes sleep. :P

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

i had a pleasant surprise today.
as i logged onto FP, i received a PM from unker djXpire, welcoming me to the management team.

anyway, my latest splurge today:

Image hosted by
Super Sweetie Soapbox Ringer

i love the green shades!
and it's so vintage inspired :)

was supposed to catch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on National Day eve, i even booked the tickets online.

and at the last minute, Bing told me that we had MJ plans with other khakis.
so we decided to sell off the tickets.

luckily we managed to sell them off to a young couple, 20 minutes after the show started.

met up with a couple of friends on National Day.
we gathered to watch these beautiful creations:

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

now, i dream of seeing these everyday!

Image hosted by
Han Han!

i was exilarated to see her here!
Right at the mouth of Glutton's Bay.

Image hosted by

18 more days before we land in Taiwan!!!


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