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Sunday, August 21, 2005

i'm so happy with my buys today!!!

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Heart Shaped Chocolate FOndue Set

i can't wait to use it,
but first, i gotta learn how to make really fudgy and sweet chocolate first.

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Kitten Heels by Brazilliano Praia
i found it, after months and months and months of searching.
*heaves a big sigh of relief*

this is the cutest pair of soft shell crabs i've ever seen:

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ain't they adorable??
they look like they were being cut out from a comic book. :P
i almost couldn't bear to stomach them.

and some pictures taken last week,
featuring the terrific dishes whipped up by Bing.

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Pork Ribs with Coke
yes, Coke as in the soft drink, Coca Cola.
Thanks to diorsnow from sharing this idea.

results: REALLY GREAT!!!!

it doesn't taste of coke at all and produces this sweet but tasty gravy.

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i call this the Three Treasures Soup
cuz it contains sharksfin, abalone and scallops.
really delicious!!

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our mini steamboat last Sunday.
i love my cuttlefish cheese ball! :)

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