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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

[Media Event] Love & Co's Love Story Locket Collection!

Last week, we were invited to an exclusive event by Love & Co to view and get introduced to their latest Love Story Locket Collection!!! My favourite girl, Jac, visited their store together with me and we had a hell of a good time understanding more about diamonds and rings! Afterall, they say, DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND =))) Read on for Promo Code!!

The LVC lockets come in white gold with diamonds, white gold and rose gold as above.

What's very special about them is that they can be personalized. The lockets can be opened with the little key attached to it and you get to choose the charms you want to put in it!

Choose from a wide array of exquisite charms, they consist of alphabets and also numbers! Usually people would choose numbers and alphabets relevant to their names, birthdays and anniversary dates.

Jac and I with these exquisite lockets!!

Besides their latest collection, we also got introduced to their other products. Here are wedding bands from the LVC Promise collection.

The five grooves on the band signify the elements of an everlasting relations
hip – love, bonds, devotion, commitment and togetherness.

And i really love this sweet heart shaped design from the LVC Precieux collection!

 Another very lovely and exquisite design from the LVC Noeud collection.

This collection celebrates the “tying the knot”symbolism of ancient times when the couple’s hands were tied together with ribbons or strips of cloth at their wedding.

We both agreed that this 'matte' ring from the LVC Desirio collection was very stylish and unique.

Enjoying our cupcakes and tea at the event.

Big thank you to Love & Co for having us and for sharing the very interesting information about jewellery!!!

Good news for my readers, quote "LVCxDawnLee" and enjoy a $100 off at any Love & Co. showroom (Promotion is valid till 30th April 2016!


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