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Monday, February 02, 2015

[Food Review] Flavour Flings

Flavour Flings is a newly established cafe and bistro located in Hougang, one of the owners of Flavour Flings is a Muslim and food here is all halal. My impression of this place is fantastic and definitely unforgettable because they have proved themselves to be awesomely different!

 Recycled-wood furnishings give this place a laid-back vibe, perfect for casual brunch affairs. This place can comfortably host 30 pax at a time. I was so attracted to the wooden flooring with pebbles when I stepped in. It exudes a warm, rustic and modern atmosphere.

Cemented walls had textural designs, and the plain walls were made alive with hand drawn paintings creating a very refreshing and welcoming ambience.

 Iced Chocolate ($6.50) Huge portion of rich dark cocoa powder goodness to satisfy even the most rabid chocolate lover, the drink was of the right richness and with just the right touch of sweetness.

They also have a selection of premium tea to add to their beverage menu.
Home made Truffle Fries served in a compact metal tin. Truffle oil as well as truffle salt (which is quite rarely used in most cafes) are used for this. They also have other selections of fries like the Ice-Cream fries and Nacho Cheese fries which I am definitely going back to try soon (because I am a huge fan of fries).

Eggs Jupiter ($17) Served with brioche, poached eggs, momotaro tomatoes, avocado, melted gruyere, nacho cheese baked potatoes and chicken sausages. 

What makes this stand out is the use of Brioche which has a rich and tender crumb due to the high egg and butter content and also, it tastes sweeter than most other pastries due to the occasional use of sugar. It truly complements the poached eggs very well and brings this dish to a whole new level.

Most importantly, instead of the usual Hollandaise sauce that other cafes serve, Flavour Flings top their poached eggs in Nacho Cheese! In my most honest opinion, I feel Nacho Cheese is wayyyyy better than Hollandaise because taste is more intense and I often feel 'jelat' after maybe the 5th mouthful of this but surprisingly, I finished the whole of this with Nacho cheese and I even thought of having more! You must really try this and you will know what i mean.

And lastly, even the tomatoes sandwiched between the egg and the cheese is premium and sweeter, juicier than normal tomatoes.

Look at how the egg is poached to perfection! Pardon the mess over here but my tummy was definitely having a great time. I really wished this came in a bigger portion but then again, awesome stuff comes in small portions so that you will be yearning for more and it's not always a good idea to have too much of anything (because more awesome stuff awaits, continue reading) :)

Carbonara ($15) Made with egg yolk, cream, turkey ham, mushrooms, Parmesan. Pasta was cooked till al dente and it was quite different from carbonaras i've had before. It was cheesy and yet tasty but not overly creamy and cloying, which is rather hard to attain. Another 2 thumbs up for this.

Last but not least comes The Awesome One ($11). Pancakes with salted caramel sauce and bananas. My stomach was already close to exploding after all the above dishes but I was strongly recommended to try this and I never regretted it! I was never a pancake person but this totally changed my views on pancakes!

I loved how light and fluffy the pancakes were. They were slightly crispy on the outside and so soft and fluffy on the inside which made me soooo happy savouring it. The pancakes absorbed that sweet-salty goodness that was in perfect ratio; not too sweet, but not too salty as well. 

I left Flavour Flings a very very happy girl :) 

Flavour Flings is definitely a place to visit if you love pancakes and eggs. Service is friendly and the folks are warm and hospitable. As I'm typing this, I'm already trying to fix a date to revisit this awesome cafe again :)

Tonight, I hope to dream of warm, fluffy pancakes!

Flavour Flings
Blk 121 Hougang Avenue 1
Singapore 530121

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