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Monday, January 19, 2015

[Food Review] Kuru Kuru Japanese Restaurant

Kuru Kuru, translated as 'round and round' in English is located at Valley Point, River Valley right in the heart of Singapore's Japanese expatriate community. 

The Daruma Dolls which are roly poly toys are significant symbols in Kuru Kuru and they represent optimism, persistence and strong determination.

Kuru Kuru has an unassuming setting with ceilings that are not very high, just like typical Japanese restaurants, walls have the Daruma Dolls symbol and their menu is extensive with 140 items for buffet selection!!!

Most people will question about the freshness of sashimi whenever Japanese cuisine is in question. The sashimi served here comes in thick, fresh slabs and they even offer the seabass sashimi which is not commonly found in other restaurants here in Singapore.

I love dipping my slices of sashimi in wasabi and soya sauce mixture but I was told that the native Japanese don't usually practice this, they usually have their sashimi plain without any dippings.

 Sake Yukke- Seasoned salmon sushi.

Spider Wasabi Mayo- Softshell crab rolled up with cucumber, seaweed and rice topped with their special wasabi mayo.

Hotate Mentai Chiizu Yaki- Scallops with cod roe and cheese. I love anything with melted oozy cheese and this turned out so good.

 Yaki Niku- Beef with special sauce. This was one of my favourite dishes here. Beef was tender and sauce was so sweet they complimented each other very well.

Tori Karaage- Bite sized chicken, another one of their popular items on the menu.

So cripsy and juicy, this is perfect when dipped in mayo! I like having fried food with mayo so if you like too, remember to ask the friendly staff for some mayo.

The squid tentacles were quite yummy. The batter flavouring was just nice and the squid tentacles were firm without being too chewy.

Stir fried mushrooms with lots of garlic and butter.

Ended the meal with sesame ice-cream. My stomach was on the verge of exploding with all the yummy food but there's always space for dessert :)

Besides the above, Kuru Kuru also serves many kinds of rice and noodles dishes like Soba, Udon, Ramen, Baked Rice, Fried Rice and the list goes on.

Top up an additional $3 and you can have premium dishes which includes shabu shabu, ikura sushi, mekaijiki sashimi etc.

Quality is of importance and pricing is reasonble, a pity I only have one stomach, I will definitely keep this place in mind as I want to try more of their other dishes too :)


SINGAPORE (248371)

Tel: 6733 2292



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