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Thursday, January 29, 2015

[Car Review] 2015 TOYOTA RAV4!

Last Christmas, which was only last month, I got the special opportunity to test drive the ALL NEW TOYOTA RAV4, it certainly came just in time for my last minute Christmas shopping and errands.

March 2013, Toyota's fourth generation RAV4 will officially be introduced in Singapore. The all-new RAV4, a reinvention of the world's original crossover sports utility vehicle, now comes with a new 2-litre petrol engine; offers attractive fuel efficiency, class-leading cargo capacity, cut-through design, and a compelling array of user friendly features. The all-new RAV4 comes in 2 variants – Elegance and Premium.

Key Attributes of the All-New RAV4

In summary customers can expact from the exciting all-new Toyota RAV4:
  1. Distinct Design
  2. Avant-Garde Interior
  3. Class Leading Features and Technology
  4. Best in Class Protection
RAV4 is now more clearly differentiated from Toyota's larger Highlander crossover. It's a balanced small crossover, offering more room than some with a little bit of driving enjoyment to go with it, but not providing either in extremes. This sexy shade of red oozes elegance and class and it's distinct design clearly makes it stand out from the crowd.

A look of it at night. 

I've always wanted to drive a big car though i'm actually really small and petite in real life. When i'm sitting inside this car, I look even smaller and thus, this makes the car look even more spacious and outstanding. I actually receive a lot of stares from many road users while i'm driving this car, they must be wondering "What is such a small girl doing in such a gigantic car?!"

 Toyota has always been a reliable brand, my previous car was Toyota Vios which was much smaller in comparison to Rav4. 

Its combination of features, passenger space and everyday utility warrant a closer look if you're shopping for a small crossover.
Newly enhanced Projector Headlamps for stronger appeal and better visibility.  Newly designed halogen headlamps enhance the presence of the vehicle while LED daytime running lights make the RAV4 visible to oncoming vehicles. 

The engine starts conveniently and effortlessly with the keyless entry and button ignition system.

Speedometer with multi information display consists of a 3 dial combination meter in a silver frame with blue illumination creating a sophisticated and sporty feel.

This function is pretty amazing. 
Apparently it helps reduce the visibility of lights from oncoming cars to prevent drivers from being visually distracted while driving.

Let me touch on some of the features of this amazing ride.

This is how the interior looks like. One look at it and you will instantly know how spacious it is. Roomy interior for people and cargo, strikes a good balance between ride comfort and sure-footed handling. 

 At the back. The rear seats can be folded down to create even more space for anything else.

Very nice and stylish console that comes with a cup holder. Seamless driving and improved fuel economy. Sequential Shiftmatic mode responds to aggressive shift operation when the shift lever is in ‘M’ gear. Shift operations can be performed even when the shift lever is set to ‘D’ gear by operating the paddle shift switches on the steering wheel.

You can toggle between ECO and Sport mode.
ECO mode - would help you save more on petrol
Sport mode - Would change the gear at a later rpm, definitely faster and would take up more petrol.

This well-equipped system includes a 6-speaker system with touch screen, DVD, Bluetooth, AUX and USB connectivity, reverse camera, and navigation. 

 The New RAV4 features the Power Lift Gate which makes loading and unloading so much easier where you do not have to use your hands to open the boot. It can simply open with a press of a button and closes with another press.

 From here... you can see how much space it has.. :)

Another illustration of how spacious the boot of RAV4 is. I can lie down inside. LOL, it's actually quite comfortable.

Here I go for a last min Christmas Gifts shopping with this car..
It is so much convenient to have this car that can load up all the presents that I wanna buy for my friends and loved ones..

Thank you Borneo Motors for this excellent and wonderful ride :)


I truly enjoyed the experience that this car has given me. Its quite powerful in fact even though its on the ECO mode. And I would have the option to switch to Sport mode when I'm in a rush! Design is sleek and sophisticated suitable for for the young as well as the old.

For more info about this car, visit

Feel free to also visit the Toyota Showroom at

33 Leng Kee Road, Singapore 159102


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