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Sunday, January 28, 2007

yesterday afternoon, i was just chatting with cutie ying ying over MSN about Taiwanese actress Xu Wei Lun.
and one leg informed me that she is involved in a very serious car accident and is still in critical condition.

then, today, i read that she passed away yesterday evening.

how sudden!
how fragile can life get.
and she's only 28, with really very sweet looks and a great smile!
now i understand why ying ying likes her.

dear ying ying,
don't be too upset ok.

Monday, January 22, 2007

it's been a long time since i did food reviews.
in fact, i have many pictures and reviews to post!

here are some:

As usual, this was, and still is one of my all time favourite place to dine in.
The dishes never fail to leave me satisfied and happy.

Soft and melts instantly in your mouth.
With bits of really fresh prawns.

Fried squid.
so tasty, reminds me of the time i was in Taipei savouring their delights.

If you love sweet stuff, this is for you.
Filled with red bean paste.

i seriously can't remember what soup is this.
but i can remember it's taste!

Fried Udon.
it's very nicely fried to perfection!!
the nicest fried udon i've had.

Nothing much to rave about here actually.
The food were average and left me with no impression.

Took some pics nonetheless:

BBQ-ed chicken.

Not spicy enough.

i think the only memorable food here was Indonesian crackers they served.

Monday, January 15, 2007

my dear cutie pie fling (one-leg) told me of this awesome deal where you can get a free webcam.

my passionate fling (one-leg)*lol* has already redeemed it and i have signed up too, my redemption date is on 22nd January.

so i thought of sharing it here with all of you, pls visit this link:

and sign up as a member to get your free webcam! (absolutely no cost)

sometimes, i wonder why they are willing to give away such wonderful freebies.
well, it's a good marketing strategy though. :)

Monday, January 08, 2007

recently, i have been crazily shopping, damaging my poor wallet!

i love the clothes worn by this cute model, cuz she is of very very similar height and weight as me.
it's like the clothes look the same on me as well, i can wear everything she can wear too!
will post pics of me wearing them when i'm not so lazy :P

Cropped red cardigan

Green long sweater

stuff from other sellers:

Argyle tunic


i'm addicted to NEOPETS once again!
i first set up an account in 2001, i was hooked on it last time during my poly days, until my neopet became sick and i cruelly abandoned it cuz i was sick of it too.

now, i tried to log in to my old account but i couldn't cuz i can't remember the password.
but i saw my pet, and it's still alive!!
NEOPETS will never die!

sign up too!
we can exchange gifts and fight in battledome :P
my username in Neopets is kissesfrombeigirl, you can add me :)


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