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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Shopping at Superberry.Me

Spent some very fruitful moments at Superberry.Me last weekend getting inroduced to new and prestigious skincare products, cosmetics as well as nail products!

 Store has recently been revamped! Superberry.Me brings only the finest grooming products from around the world to cater to the needs of women in Singapore. 

Superberry.Me has products that can groom a woman from head to toe. Be it hair products, moisturizers, fragrances or nail polish.

And good news is that WHATHEWANTS, a grooming store for men is right beside Superberry.Me! Can come shopping here with your boyfriends, husbands, dads, uncles too! Personal grooming is also important to men and not just ladies. Everyone wants to look good and smart.

Exclusively available at Superberry.Me is the FemmeScience range of skincare and acne products from the US, where the products are 100% free of fragrance, dyes and irritants, and deliver the highest performance and quality using professional-grade ingredients. Other exclusive brands to look out for include Ghassan range of haircare products from Australia , Margherita Ghel; organic skincare products from France, Storyderm; silk masks from Korea and the Ciracle range of skincare products which is also from Korea.
Superberry.Me carries more than 500 products from over 30 different brands such as Jurlique, Estelle and Thild, Luzern, Butter LONDON Nail, Glo minerals make up and Klairs etc.

I like cosmetic and skincare products which can be used conveniently and easily. When in a rush or on lazy days, I will only apply make up to my eyes and that's usually only eyeliner alone.

Therefore, i decided to get 2 products from blinc which is very suitable for myself.  “Blinc is about eyes, innovation & performance” – offer complete performance, worthy of a prestige cosmetic brand, namely; ease of application, endless wear & effortless removal while offering Life Proof properties (ie smudge-proof, sweat-proof, water-resistance, flake-proof).

I got blinc's eyebrow mousse and ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen.

This miracle mousse has the water-resistant color of a tint, fills in sparse areas like an enhancer and tames brows like a gel. Once applied, it helps to create the perfect brow line that cannot fade, run, or smudge, even if you sweat or wear it in harsh weather conditions. Makeup re-application is never required with blinc Eyebrow Mousse™. Like all blinc products, you get all-day, no-smudge wear with this brow makeup.

Love their alluring purple packaging that comes in double protection.

I followed the advice of the knowledgeable staff and chose the Dark Blonde shade. This shade is suitable for people with lighter hair colour but on the other hand if i decide to darken my hair colour, all I should do is just intensify the strokes applied to the brows to attain a darker shade. Therefore, it's quite versatile.

Application is super easy, just follow the shape of your brows and swipe the application brush across your brows. It is also very easily removed with make up remover.

Blinc ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen boasts a brush of only 0.00876mm, making it the thinnest, most precise brush in the world. It glides on smoothly and the ultrafine brush provides for extreme accuracy, allowing you to create virtually any look you desire from a thin classic line to dramatic, winged looks. Blinc ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen is water- proof, smudge-proof, and fade-proof. When you are ready, it can easily be removed with gentle makeup remover.

Check out the picture above and you can see the comparison between blin's ultrathin liquid eyeliner and my regular liquid eyeliner. Line is so much thinner, this is so perfect for my everyday usage!

Orchard Central

Sun-Thurs: 11am-9pm
Fri & Sat: 11am-9.30pm
Tel: (+65) 6634 0386


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Water's Makeover Part 1

Water is our 6 year old Lhasa Apso (a breed which looks very similar to Shih Tzus) and he has a very sad background before he was found by us.

He was abandoned and neglected by his previous owner and his skin was in a very very bad condition when he was found about 4 years ago. After trying many methods, his skin got better than the initial state but there were still occasional reddish bumps which looked like rashes.

For some strange reasons, he is also very afraid of thunder, lightning and rain. He will become very fidgety and start rummaging through everything he sees and sometimes when no one is home, he can practically make the house so messy like a robber just came in. We concluded that he previously had a bad and traumatizing experience with rain or thunder when he was much younger. At all other times besides raining times, he is mostly quiet and very tame.

We are glad to have found Petopia, a pet wellness centre, which, after professional consultation ensured us that Water would look better and healthier after treatment and makeover.

Here was how Water looked like before his makeover. Tired and lethargic.

Petopia is Singapore's leading pet wellness centre. They have been around the market for 4 years since 2010. 

 When i first stepped in, I was very surprised and extremely impressed that the place smelled like a spa, the whole place was filled with the calming and soothing scent of aromatherapy unlike most other pet stores i visited which reeked of dogs' poop.

On top of this, the place is lavishly decorated and also houses the latest and most advanced spa and healing treatments for dogs to enjoy. They are now undergoing some minor renovations and would look even better in the near future.

Entrance of Petopia.


From top grade dietary and nutritional products, grooming accessories and styling services to customised spa treatments, expert consultation, playtime, day care, hotel services and even enrichment workshops, discerning pet owners can expect to be spoilt for choice with Petopia's all-encompassing suite of services.

Lots of magazines for you to get an idea of how you want your dog's new 'hairstyle' to be.

Bach Original Flower Remedies.

 Animals have emotions too. They feel fear, anger, jealousy, depression, happiness and joy just like us.

The Bach Flower Remedies are able to help our animals when they have negative emotions just as they help us when we are emotionally out of balance. 

Shampoos and coat mists are made from gentle products free from harsh detergents. 

Helmed by not just one or two but three experienced, skilful and international award-winning stylists from Hong Kong and Tokyo, their salon adopts a open concept and uses state of the art, holistic, safe and sanitised equipment and gentle yet effective material to provide premium styling for their guests.

Be it activity time or meal-time, their guests are well taken care by pet guardians, who are specially trained and demonstrate years of experience in the handling of animal companions. Check in on them anytime from anywhere remotely on your mobile or desktop devices via their hi-definition and hi-speed web-cam system!

Following Petopia's protocol, every inch of the place is sanitized meticulously on a regular basis. Only UVB-ray sterilized equipment and disinfected towels are used on all their animal guests.

Water's transformation begins!!! 

Water's first treatment for that day was the Hinoki Tub Onsen Dip. Yes, he went to the Onsen (hot spring).

He was rather afraid at the beginning as he had no idea what was going to be done to him but all went well after he got comfortable. 

Water was so relaxed and at ease that he fell asleep during the therapy!!!

About Hinoki Tub Onsen Dip

With increased blood circulation brought about by a relaxing 15 minute dip*, Water benefited from a boosted metabolism which enhances detoxification.

Benefits of Hinoki Tub Onsen Dip:

Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action from hinoki oils calms skin and cleanses coats.

Enriching mineral profile of onsen water with tailored onsen bath salts melts away your furbie’s daily stress, anxiety, aches and pain.

Increased blood circulation brings about a boosted metabolism which enhances detoxification.

More supple skin, smoother coats and restful sleep.

NEXT, Water went through the Ayurveda Herb Pack with Far Infrared Therapy.

The Ayurveda Herb Pack for animals comprises of only the finest herbs to maintain calm skin, upkeep coat health and deter parasites.

The herbal mud pack, which is a mixture of aloe vera, cassia and neem, clears up a wide spectrum of skin conditions, subsequently strengthens skin’s resilience against relapses and thereby maintaining healthy skin and beautiful coats in the long run.

The Healing Effects of Aloe, Cassia & Neem
Aloe is a natural healing aid that has been used and loved by many since ancient. 

The most common type of aloe in Japan is “kidachi-aloe” and there are 500 other types including cape aloe, sokoto aloe, tiger aloe etc.

The inside of the leaves of the aloe vera plant is abundant with a thick gel-like substance.

The aloe vera powder used in our herb pack is taken from the gel substance in the plant before being dried to a fine powder.

It takes 1000kg of aloe vera to make just 1kg of fine powder in the herb pack as 99.5% of aloe vera comprises of water and the remaining 0.5% comprises vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and other micronutrients.

This nutrient-rich powder is manufactured without the use of synthetic material, preservatives or pesticides, via strict organic processes.

Cassia (cassia sieberiana) has been known to bring about high levels of anti-
inflammatory and anti-bacterial activity when being incorporated into products.

Neem is a very common herb used in the Ayurveda healing system as it assists with the removal of odour and itch (purification). It is also an effective bio-pesticide repellantagainst parasites.

The Power of Far Infra Red

Infra-red energy is known to penetrate tissue to depth of over 2.5cm on animal companions. Of note is that the infra-red radiant energy output is actually tuned to correspond closely to a companion’s own radiant energy, so that body tissues absorb close to 93% of the infra-red waves that reach the skin.

The tissues in your animal companions’ bodies, in need of an infra-red boost, will selectively absorb infra-red rays. The tissue will only use the infra-red rays in areas where is is needed. After boosting a tissue’s infra-red energy, the remaining rays pass onward harmlessly.

As far Infra-red energy is absorbed, it increases fundamental energy by exciting molecules of various cells. With cells being ‘excited’, blood flow is increased and with it, nutrition is delivered and that literally cleans out the toxins and accumulated fats.

Obviously this facilitates and accelerates natural healing and increases cellularintegrity. Tissues in our animal companion normally produce infra-red energy for warmth and tissue repair. Not withstanding the objective of keeping warm, tissue production of infra-red energy is also associated with a variety of healing responses.

Exclusively at Petopia, Far Infra-Red Therapy when coupled with Ayurveda Herb Pack wrap and Carbonic Soda Spa sessions, are beneficial for treating a broad spectrum of skin conditions often contracted in the tropics, which include:

• relief of inflammation

• relief of pain and enhanced join tissue healing

• improvement in flexibility and joint mobility

• reduction in muscle stiffness and pain

• decreased soreness, swelling and numbness

• localised warming and improved circulation to numb extremities

• reduction of body odour

After the relaxing spa, Water underwent a full styling session.

His stylist is Tyler Chan from Hong Kong who has an unrelenting passion to perfect his craft and immense love for animals.

Water's fur was instantly much whiter, cleaner and FLUFFY!

His coat before the haircut.

Water has always been an easy pet to work with, he doesn't fidget and usually stays still and you can do whatever you want to him, he doesn't seem to mind! We can't wait to see how Water will look like!


The end result!!! Water's fur was so much more manageable and so soft that we couldn't stop stroking him. His skin was also detoxified.

Can't stop taking pictures of cutie Water! 

A BIG THANK YOU to Petopia for your knowledge, professionalism, expertise and your love for animals!

For more information on Petopia, please click the below links:

For more information on Petopia, please click the below links:
Facebook fanpage: (They have 48,000+ fans!)

You may also add them as your Facebook Friend too!!

Stay tuned for Water's Makeover Part 2!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

[Food Review] Sopra Cucina and Bar

Sopra Cucina and Bar is not the typical Italian restaurants commonly found in Singapore. Italy has 20 regions and each region serves different cuisines, most Italian restaurants in Singapore serve food from Tuscany or Siclily but at Sopra we can find cuisine from the lesser known town of Sardinia, a Mediterranean island just off the west coast of Italy. Sardinian cuisine is richly influenced by many cultures such as the Arabs, Spaniards, Romans and Phoenicians. 

Sopra is the first restaurant in Singapore serving Sardinian cuisine.

Located conveniently in the heart of town, Sopra is accessible through the Pan Pacific Orchard and near Orchard Towers. The exterior is seductively illuminated with old school Hollywood lights and interior decor an ode to the glamourous days of post-war Italy.

This place is so spacious that it has a large alfresco dining area too.

We were awed and simply loved the incredibly charming decor of the interior. Lined with intricately hand painted floor tiles and filled with vintage Italian antiques, furniture and fixtures all air flown from Italy, I felt that I really stepped into a small Italian town.

A private dining area which looks so much like someone's house, complete with wooden flooring. This would be such a perfect spot for a birthday celebration or an intimate farewell dinner.

The menu features dishes unique to the idyllic island which I had the privilege to try this time! Ranging from a wide selection of anti-pasti, hearty classic Italian fare and a wide range of pizzas which come in 3 sizes.

What we liked best were the Bruschetta Verace, seared tuna and Tiramisu.

Bruschetta Verace, thin crust topped with fresh mozzarella, anchovies, basil and tomato. Anchovies were bursting with rich flavours and tasted incredible when combined with fresh mozzarella.

Seared Tuna with figs and fennel. We highly recommend this if you are a fan of fish and seafood.

Sopra's Duck Risotto is also worth a try, duck is slow cooked for more than 24 hours and this makes it a very rich and luxurious dish. Tiramisu was also one of the better ones we had elsewhere.

Sopra also offers an extensive wine list, the comprehensive selection covers both Old and New World wines and boasts exclusive bottles from small Italian winemakers.

The ambience here is spot on and we loved the elegant feel of the place, most importantly, food is fresh and we will definitely be back for more, stay tuned for more food and wine reviews on Sopra!!!

Sopra Cucina & Bar
Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel, #01-02
10 Claymore Road, Singapore 229540
Tel: +65 6737 3253 | Website
Operating hours:
Closed Sundays
Mon to Wed: 11.30 AM to 12.00 AM (last order 11.00 PM)
Thu to Sat: 11.30 AM to 2.00 AM (last order 11.00 PM for restaurant kitchen, 1.00 AM for pizzas and bar snacks)

Monday, August 18, 2014

[Food Review] Boater's Cafe by Streets of London

 Located in a tranquil part of Punggol where yachts are docked and people are fishing, this is a very good place for a quiet night out.

 Managed by the same chef from Streets of London, Chef Thomas is very passionate about his cooking and his goal is to make great food affordable and available to everyone.

Mushroom soup with a combination of assorted mushrooms and truffle oil served with crispy garlic bread. ($6.00) Pictures don't do it justice, the very first dish to reach our table and it created an awesome impression, we were so looking forward with high expectations for the following dishes to come.

Stuffed squid that consists of mushroom and cheese served with creamy cheese sauce. ($12.90) This is absolutely divine!!! Being a cheese lover, i loved this. Not a very big fan of squids but i must say that the squid is very fresh and easy to bite. Coupled with some garden veggies drizzled with Chef Thomas's home made Mint Sauce.

Cheese Melt Portobello Mushroom ($8.60). This is one of the restaurant's signature light bites. EXTREMELY JUICY portobello mushroom topped with cheese and a strip of bacon.

Chef Thomas loves experimenting food with beer marinades. He has played around with many kinds of beers for his food and came up with a few good and very yummy recipes. For those who do not like beer, don't worry, the alcohol contents and taste will automatically vanish once cooked with food, they actually help bring out the aroma in food.

The above dish is Boneless Chicken Leg marinated with Indian Pale Ale served with mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables. The meat was super tender (Chef Thomas said that beer can be a very good food tenderizer and can help soften meat) and absolutely delicious. I must also mention that their mashed potatoes are also made from scratch on a daily basis so as to ensure the maximum freshness of the potatoes.

Fish & Chips ($13.60). The cafe's special beer battered fish and chips served with freshly cut home made fries. Batter is very crispy and most importantly for me, fish is very fresh. One of the better and nicer fish and chips i've had in Singapore.

 Chef Thomas's home made sauces are also on sold in cute little bottles!

Mint Dressing consists of mint and vinegar, very refreshing, low in calories and goes very well with salads. Try it with some pineapples too, they go deliciously well together.

According to Chef Thomas, the IPA (Indian Pale Ale) is a very versatile marinade and he used that to create a sauce which can be used for BBQ. Simply glaze the sauce over your meat while BBQ-ing it.

We also tried an upcoming new item which will be on the menu soon and it's Chef Thomas's very unique creation of the KILLKENNY KWAY CHUP!!! This was sooooooooooo addictive that i finished the whole bowl of it even though i was already very very full!

The Boaters Cafe
Marina Country Club
600 Punggol Seventeenth Ave
Singapore 829734



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