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Monday, August 18, 2014

[Food Review] Boater's Cafe by Streets of London

 Located in a tranquil part of Punggol where yachts are docked and people are fishing, this is a very good place for a quiet night out.

 Managed by the same chef from Streets of London, Chef Thomas is very passionate about his cooking and his goal is to make great food affordable and available to everyone.

Mushroom soup with a combination of assorted mushrooms and truffle oil served with crispy garlic bread. ($6.00) Pictures don't do it justice, the very first dish to reach our table and it created an awesome impression, we were so looking forward with high expectations for the following dishes to come.

Stuffed squid that consists of mushroom and cheese served with creamy cheese sauce. ($12.90) This is absolutely divine!!! Being a cheese lover, i loved this. Not a very big fan of squids but i must say that the squid is very fresh and easy to bite. Coupled with some garden veggies drizzled with Chef Thomas's home made Mint Sauce.

Cheese Melt Portobello Mushroom ($8.60). This is one of the restaurant's signature light bites. EXTREMELY JUICY portobello mushroom topped with cheese and a strip of bacon.

Chef Thomas loves experimenting food with beer marinades. He has played around with many kinds of beers for his food and came up with a few good and very yummy recipes. For those who do not like beer, don't worry, the alcohol contents and taste will automatically vanish once cooked with food, they actually help bring out the aroma in food.

The above dish is Boneless Chicken Leg marinated with Indian Pale Ale served with mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables. The meat was super tender (Chef Thomas said that beer can be a very good food tenderizer and can help soften meat) and absolutely delicious. I must also mention that their mashed potatoes are also made from scratch on a daily basis so as to ensure the maximum freshness of the potatoes.

Fish & Chips ($13.60). The cafe's special beer battered fish and chips served with freshly cut home made fries. Batter is very crispy and most importantly for me, fish is very fresh. One of the better and nicer fish and chips i've had in Singapore.

 Chef Thomas's home made sauces are also on sold in cute little bottles!

Mint Dressing consists of mint and vinegar, very refreshing, low in calories and goes very well with salads. Try it with some pineapples too, they go deliciously well together.

According to Chef Thomas, the IPA (Indian Pale Ale) is a very versatile marinade and he used that to create a sauce which can be used for BBQ. Simply glaze the sauce over your meat while BBQ-ing it.

We also tried an upcoming new item which will be on the menu soon and it's Chef Thomas's very unique creation of the KILLKENNY KWAY CHUP!!! This was sooooooooooo addictive that i finished the whole bowl of it even though i was already very very full!

The Boaters Cafe
Marina Country Club
600 Punggol Seventeenth Ave
Singapore 829734



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