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Thursday, August 04, 2016

2nd Plastic Surgery Trip to Korea- Face Lifting Experience and Recovery

Many have already known that I visited Korea two years ago for plastic surgery, did my nose bridge and trimmed the sides of my nose, lowered my double eyelid to make it less bulgy and had fats deposited to my smile lines, chin and cheeks to achieve a more contoured look. However, the fats has 'died' and the shape of my face is back to normal after a few months.

and due to excessive eating and eating and eating, my face became chubbier and I decided to have something done about it, I really missed the contoured and slimmer face I had just after my surgeries two years ago and so, I went back to Korea last month to find out what I can do to achieve a permanently slimmer face.

Consulted a few clinics and settled down with this particular clinic that I felt most comfortable with due to the expertise and professionalism of the staff and the doctors (pls email me to find out more about which clinic I went to and I am also able to help you get discounts off MOST of the reputable and popular clinics in Seoul)

I told the doctor that I wanted a slimmer face but I didn't want anymore foreign or metal objects in my body. The doctor gave me 2 options. One is thread lift which lifts the skin using dissolvable threads and lasts for 6 months to 2 years. The other option is face lifing which is considered a major surgery involving cutting the sides of the face, pulling the skin towards the hairline and the ears and then sewing the skin back. Yup, this was how the translator described the process to me in layman's term. Results for this is semi-permanent as skin will eventually sag due to gravity and nobody goes into the coffin with a lifted face when they're old.

After much consideration, I decided to go for the face lift, OMG I DUNNO WHERE THE COURAGE CAME FROM!!! Before this, I didn't even know what exactly a face lift is and I made my decision in like half an hour! I must be mad, really. and anyway, the doctor whom I consulted and who did the surgery for me is the inventor of the mandible 3D jaw reduction and very famous and popular in Korea. He asked me if i wanted a full face lift which involves lifting the skin from the cheeks area and the lower face area or if i wanted just a lower face lift. I asked him for his opinion and he said my cheeks are still firm and has lots of elasticity so I wouldn't need a full face lift. Heeded his advice and went for the lower face lift.


Reached the hospital at 9.30am and I was told not to eat anything after 12 midnight the night before I couldn't even drink water. I gobbled up whatever I could at 11 plus because I was so afraid I would be hungry the next morning.

 I was asked to change into pyjamas, so lucky they had my size, I think they gave me kids' size. LOL. and I was ushered to this room which will be the room that I will be staying in overnight. Yes, this face lift surgery requires me to stay overnight at the hospital for observation and I was also required to stay in Korea for at least 2 weeks after the surgery in case anything happens, I can always run back to see the doctor after surgery.

I was then brought in to to take my body weight and x-ray, also did a full body check up the day before following consultation to make sure that I am generally OK for this surgery. The photographer then came to take pictures of me from many angles, for the reference of the hospital.

 This is the very professional doctor who will be carrying out the surgery on me. He speaks English and explains everything in detailed to me. Just look at my fat face.

This was the last thing I saw after lying down in the surgery room for less than 5 minutes,

Was given General anesthesia and in about 10 seconds, I went into a coma, it was really fast and I remembered still chatting with someone in the surgery room.

When I woke up a good 5 HOURS LATER, I felt absolutely drowsy and weak, my lips were numbed and everything seems so dreamy. Julia assisted me all the way to my little ward and to the toilet after that, I was having trouble talking, I was stammering and it's all due to the effects of anesthesia.

Face is bruised and swollen, I look worse than shit, hair is greasy and sticky because they sterilized my hair and best thing is I can't wash my hair for the next few days. I have an oily scalp and if I don't wash, I can really use the oil to fry a fish. Luckily I brought some dry shampoo which came in tremendously handy!

My lips and throat were so dry they hurt but I wasn't allowed any water till 4 hours later, so I patiently waited and kept using my Hp. As time went by, the anaesthesia started to wear off and I wasn't so sleepy anymore, I got up and walked outside a little bit. Finally I was given water and pumpkin porridge, i ate so fast like someone was going to steal my food, so hungry! Some people would feel nauseous and puke upon eating but luckily I didn't. I felt totally fine.

Then the nightmare began, the incisions along my hairline and behind my ears started to hurt and I realised there were 2 drainage tubes inserted at the lower part of my face, I looked distorted and strange with those and they caused me quite a lot of discomfort. They were actually placed there to minimise blood clot and excess fluid retention and they help in deswelling too.

 This silicon container was shoved right into my face!! One on my left and one on my right, typing this now makes me remember how painful I felt having them in me.

The pain grew throughout the night and I didn't manage to sleep at all. My movement was restricted and I'm a side sleeper. I can't sleep on my sides and now I can only sleep straight and this caused my butt to hurt. I was in absolute discomfort plus pain.


Morning came and it's the 2nd day of surgery. the needle on my arm attached to the drip was also making my arm numb and painful. When I got it removed, I was so relieved. I so badly wanted the drainage tubes removed but I was told I couldn't remove them till probably 1-2 days later. So, because of these tubes, I had to wear the polka dotted pyjamas that went through surgery with me back to the guesthouse I stayed.

The first thing i did after leaving the hospital was to EAT. Could eat like normal and my appetite was normal too. Went back to the guest home and started to feel pain again, I tried not to sleep as walking around would help to heal faster but i was really tired after not sleeping the night before. Took painkillers and managed to fall asleep for about 2 hours.

Got up, went downstairs for dinner and back to guesthouse. Realised the skin where the drainage tubes are placed are starting to turn even more purplish and immediately sent a text to the in house translator strongly requesting for these to be removed tomorrow when I go back for a review.

Visited the hospital in the morning and unfortunately, I still couldn't remove the drainage tubes from my face because it was best to leave them there for another day to prevent blood clots.

Somehow, I managed to change out of those pyjamas, they were stained with medicine and blood, I looked like I just murdered someone, when i went out for dinner the night before, everyone who saw me looked at me like I'm some weirdo who escaped from hospital. Changing out of those was quite challenging, a slight tug at the tubes attached to my face would cause great pain, so I took extra care and changed really really slowly.

 Asked for a new and clean set of pyjamas so I could wear them when i go back to the guesthouse. These pyjamas had front pockets where I could clip the other side of the drainage tubes on.

My swelling has reduced significantly, the doctor said that my case was phenomenal and I am the very first patient he came across that had minimal swelling after a surgery. The translator said I am X-MEN!!! Hahahaha, and actually this happened after my first surgery two years ago too... I didn't swell as much as others did and I didn't even look like I just completed surgery.

Went back to the hospital again in the morning to have my wounds cleaned and the drainage tubes removed!!!

Before removing the pipes, I had photo therapy which helped to reduce swelling. 

Removing the drainage pipes was really quite a scary experience, the doctor gently pulled the tubes and the drainage pipes out of my face through an incision, you can imagine how painful, thankfully I was given some anesthesia jabs and pain was bearable. After that to close the incisions, the doctor STAPLED my head. To be on the positive side, I'm just really glad that they were over in a minute.

Finally, I could have my hair washed with the help of the nurse there. I felt so clean and relieved and pain reduced so much after the drainage tube were removed. I went shopping at Express Bus Terminal immediately after leaving the hospital.

 The area where the drainage tubes were shoved was still puffy and lumpy and bruised but at least I don't look so distorted now.

DAY FIVE onwards

Everything after the removing of the drainage tubes got better and better, pain was alot lesser though movement of the head was still restricted and the lower part of my face is still numb. I could wash my hair on my own and went shopping and sight seeing every other day like a normal tourist. My energy level was high and not at all like a post surgery patient. My appetite insatiable. Stitches were removed bit by bit everyday up to Day 7 where everything was removed and I was officially stitch free!

Following are collages of my face lifing recovery pictures from Day 1 to Day 15:

Right now, I'm still recovering, I still experience sudden bouts of pain that last no more than 2 seconds each time, everything is getting better, I can sleep on my sides like normal and my face is tighter. A big thank you to my doctors and the staff at this really professional hospital, I feel so well taken care of by everyone.

As mentioned above, I am able to get 10% discount for 100 over reputable clinics in Korea, so email me at if you're planning to go over to Seoul for plastic surgery :)

Thank you for reading :)


Anonymous said...

I'm someone who has done and is pro plastic surgery but u are seriously so brave oh my god. looking through the pictures i can't imagine waking up to see the tubes so visible in my face! but m so glad its over now and u look are gorgeous! xx

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