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Thursday, June 16, 2005

here's my latest buys:

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oh dear, this blog of mine is turning into a shopping diary instead.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Yippy yay!!!
i finally got my hands on this lovely piece by AnF:

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for those wondering where i got it from, i bought it off ebay!
it was my virgin purchase where i had to ambush at the last minute and bid to my victory!!

bought stuff from ebay before but i alwayz used the buy it now button.

almost suffered a heart attack!

going off to town.
i'm gonna catch Mr & Mrs Smith later.


Monday, June 13, 2005

here's my loot during the weekends:

Black plain Flounce skirt, Polka Dot halter top from Forever 21,
1 woven belt and 1 leather rose carved belt.
A pair of shades.

not in pic: 2 pairs of studded earrings.

7-UP junk food tee.

Girls' Pique Polo in Jonquil from ON.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Carnivore, a Brazillian Churrascaria

as it's name implies, everything was about meat, meat, meat.
we had free flow of meat and salad the whole night through.
but who cares about salad when there's so much yummy BBQed meat!
they were all so tasty and the waiters would come around in skewers slicing the meat off our plates.
and soon, our empty plates were all filled up with different kinds of meat.

Image hosted by
Condiments for our meat

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My plate- fresh from the Salad Bar

Image hosted by
Lamb chop (my favourite!), Pork, Beef

Image hosted by
Fish, Chicken drum

Image hosted by
Chicken heart

Other stuff we had which are not found in the pics include Beef ham, beef drum, honey baked ham, pork sausages, beef and bacon tenderloin, chicken breast etc.

we used chips which were 2 sided to communicate with the waiters.
Image hosted by
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they were placed on our tables and whenever we wanted them to stop serving us, we would just flip the chips over to the RED side.

mine was never flipped to that side.
and one of the Brazillian waiters there even commented that i "eat everything!" in a joking manner.

Image hosted by

i had a great time at Carnivore and would definitely go back there again.
but i felt a little bit sinful after seeing so many different kinds of meat on my plate.
so many poor animals were killed just to satisfy my huge appetite. :(

Image hosted by
i love this pic!

oh, and i bought this straw bag for only $11!!
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Thursday, June 02, 2005

i received my Henrietta and my Mietta today!!
i'm so delighted with my purchases, i absolutely adore them.

i decided to take a gamble with the sizes available online, i ordered the smallest size from the Kids section!!

and Bingo!
i fitted in them exactly, and nicely too! =)

and they were my inspiration to update my almost forgotten StyleDiary.
here's a peep:


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