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Thursday, June 21, 2007

JAPAN TRAVANGANZA 2007 * Day 10, 11, 12

JAPAN TRAVANGANZA 2007 * Day 10, 11, 12Day Ten (April 10th~ Tokyo)

Check out their toilet bowls!

This was actually the dinner we had the night before, i accidentally left it out in my previous post.
It's really really heavenly, (beef with melted cheese hidden within) so much so that i went back for it a second time before we left Japan.
We had this in a restaurant called YAYOIKEN, they serve free flow of rice and tea, i was craving for rice that i had 2 full bowls!

They serve wonderful food!

On our way to Tsukiji Fish Market.

Tsukiji Fish Market is very well known for their fresh fish, it's one of the must-visit places in Tokyo.

One of the biggest markets in the world!

Sushi shop at the market

Fresh Japanese Soya Bean!

Sweet and juicy.
They're something like scallops.

These are ultra fresh!

These are wasabi!
Yes, Wasabi is a plant.

Leaving Tsukiji.

One of my last glimpses of the very beautiful sakura.

Asakusa Temple!

Nakamise Street, this street leading to the main entrance of the temple sells lots of nice touristy stuff as well as snacks!

Very nice and soft.

She bought a new luggage!!!

A mini stand up noodle bar.
I remember having the nicest Cold Udon of my life here.

Back at Shibuya.
RanRanking Queen, it's such a cute shop selling everything that's popular!

Very yummy cream puff.

This is how some of them promote their shops.

In the hair salon!
We stumbled upon this hair salon on our way from Shibuya to Harajuku via Omotesando.

Us and my hair stylist.

Many high end brands are found along Omotesando Hills.

Street performers at Ikebukuro.

Ikebukuro is another very lively place, good for shopping fanatics like myself.

Vendor selling giant takopachi.

Look at our loots!!!


Lunch at Momo Paradise. (located at Ikebukuro, in a building somewhere next to Sunshine City)

Unlimited serving of food for 90 mins!!!
Very nice and worth it, come during lunch, it's cheaper :)

Sunshine City is a big shopping mall in Ikebukuro.


Shinjuku Station- reportedly the world's busiest train station.

Inside RanRanking Queen (Shinjuku station has a branch too)
Everything is being ranked!
This pic shows the most popular mascaras for the week.

Dinner at Yayoiken again.
I really like this place alot, almost everything is nice!!
__________________________________________________________________________ DAY TWELVE (APRIL 12TH~TOKYO)

Back at Harajuku again for the 5th time.
This ACCESSORIZE branch is the same one featured in Nu Ren Wo Zui Da.

In Lawson's (convenience store)
i like all the instant food found here, they're really yummy!

Our very quick lunch from Lawson's.
Cold Soba, my absolute favourite.

House Ikebukuro, our home in Tokyo!

Our luggages weigh a million tonnes!!
We had no choice but to take a cab to board the airport limousine.

We took this friendly airport limousine back to Narita airport.
It has a toilet inside, seats are comfortable but don't sit near the toilet cuz the smell is very strong.

Cute Japanese school boys carrying their classic school bags.

Eating at Narita airport.

Cute baby spotted!

It was only around 5ish in the evning and the sun was already setting.


i'm finally done with my Japan Travaganza, hope you all enjoyed the pictures.

anyway, i just had my fringe cut 2 days ago!

it's slanted.
ignore the pic at the bottom most right, that's my previous fringe.

Be back to update next week, i'm leaving Singapore tomorrow morning!!!
Imagine 10 people in a hotel room together.
10 very noisy and ultimately mad people, i can't imagine.
but i really love these peeps to bits!


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