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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Day Nine (April 9th~Tokyo DisneySea!)

We cooked our own breakfast at the small kitchen in House Ikebukuro, it's clean and nice with all utensils and cutleries available.
Our breakfast consists of instant but totally yummy porridge, i never knew instant porridge could be as tasty as this! and also toast bread with jam (provided by House Ikebukuro).

The whole cabin is empty.

Journey from Ikebukuro to Disneyland or sea takes around 1 hour.
I remember getting off at Maihama station then to Disneyland resort.

Here is Disneyland resort.

Trains to Disneyland is almost the same as the onesin Hongkong but the ones in Japan is a little older.

There is also a train attendant in cute uniform serving people going into the trains.

Inside the train.

Just at the entrance of Disneysea.

Inside at last!
It was a particularly quiet and empty day and we realised much later the emptiness of the place was due to the fact that the weather forcase predicted that it was gonna rain.

Weather forecasts in Japan is very accurate and the citizens swear by it.
Its accurate to the point that they even can predict the time the rain will stop.

Luckily for us, the rain came and went quite fast and the queues were tremendously fast that we managed to explore the whole place and took all the rides that we wanted to, we even took some rides twice!

The tower of Terror, the best and most exhilarating ride in Disneysea.
Definitely not for the faint hearted.
We took this ride twice cuz it was really good!

Going to watch "BIG BAND BEAT" at the Broadway Music Theatre.

An exact replica of a musical theatre.

We were greeted with the perfect music from a live band and professional singers and dancers!
Mickey, Minnie and Marie the cat performed for us too!

We managed to 'catch' Donald and some other characters lingering on the streets!
Bit when the rain came later on, they were all not in sight anymore :(

Can someone tell me the names of these mice?


Queueing up for the Tower of Terror, in Hotel Hightower .

A mysterious story unfolds as we toured around this 'cursed' hotel.

After the ride, our legs went soft!
but we still queued up for it again before we left Disneysea.

At the Dock side.

This is the Tower of Terror!!!

Bing among all the kids!

Crossing over to MYSTERIOUS ISLAND.

Smoking break.

Mini cooler.

Cute little Japanese Baby!



We took this ride which is suitable for the young and the old!

Another thrilling ride!

20,000 leagues under the sea.
We were submerged underwater in a submarine where the beautiful sea world awaits us beneath.

Mermaid Lagoon

Whirl pool.

Ariel's playground awaits us below

Sebastian's Calypso Kitchen

Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster

We were almost frozen, the weather turned really really cold.

At Arabian Coast

Where Aladdin lived!

The adventure of Indiana Jones, another very great ride with amazing animations.

Our second time on Tower of Terror, can you catch our terrorized faces in this pic?

Closing time.

I remembered running around to keep myself warm as it was tremendously cold, my cheeks were flushed and felt icy, my ears went abit numb.
When i was there, i didn't appreciate that kind of cold weather which i could hardly bear but when i'm back in Singapore, i don't appreciate the hot weather here too!

I miss Japan so much, i miss holiday-ing!
My next very short trip is next week with my beloved friends, i can't wait, it has been a long time since ALL (or at least MOST) of us went on a trip together.

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