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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Along the way, i saw these! Actually i've been seeing them many times whenever i pass by this area but i never had the chance to take a picture with them. and i look like a statue in this pic!!

We've reached and it was a little too early for dinner actually.

Thus, we decided to chill out with a bottle of red wine first.

This is my friend working at Le Pont de Vie!

Cheers to us :D

We explored the place since it was still early and there wasn't much guests around.

This is the chill out area, i personally like it very much, it looks relaxing and laid back.

Mini fountain.

The bar counter that's opening soon!

There's also a mini stage for performances or old movies, to be enjoyed with while you're having your meals or chilling out.

The air conditioned/indoor seating area.
Dimly lit and elegantly furnished bringing out a very romantic and cosy setting.

Free canapes for every dine in customers!
We were not priviledged just because our friend works here, free canapes apply to everyone!
This consist of asparagus with parma ham (i can't get enough of it, the ham is tasty and the asparagus is fresh and crunchy!)and marinated cucumber with salmon roe. (rocks!)

Free flow of bread applies to everyone too!
Their TRUFFLE BUTTER is a must-try, it goes extremely well with bread.
I'm not particularly a lover of butter but this TRUFFLE BUTTER made me fall in love with butter!
Its taste is very unique and its addictive!

Half dozen escargots with garlic butter!Besides this, they have many other yummy starters like foie gras, duck breast salad, australian prime graded beef tartare and more!

The main courses are here!

(Grilled Pork rack, Confit of Red Wine French Shallot, Bois Boudran Sauce.
*i want to declare that this is one of the BEST grilled pork i've ever tasted!!!*
The taste is just perfect, i have the urge to go to the kitchen to kiss te chef for this heavenly dish, its worth all the money and it simply made my day* :D
I feel that i can die without regrets after trying this. *LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

(Roast Bacon Wrapped NZ Venison Loin, Parsnip Puree, Confit of New Potato with Juniper Berry Sauce.)
This is one more great dish worth raving about.
The purpose of the bacon is to hide the strong venison smell which doesn't appeal to some people.
The combination of both makes this dish great!
I like the parsnip puree in particular, i feel very healthy eating it
*~*Nights Out 

We were actually in a pub opposite PLAY cuz we couldn't enter as it was full house at that time.

We finally managed to enter PLAY, though we hardly could stand properly there without being shoved or elbowed around.

Yet another PLAY day.



Sunday lunch at Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant, Turf City.
Look at the massive amount of food the birthday girl ordered!

The greedy birthday girl making LOTS of wishes!!!

She's finally done with all her wishes, i hope they all come true!

*HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY! Alwayz the *APPLE* of our eyes!*



*tsk* very poor photography skills, NOT taken by ME!

Celebration was held at CAFE DOMUS, great ambience plus free flow of alcohol and finger food, thanks to the birthday girl!

Why am i being blocked?!

The sexy and pretty birthday girl!!

Very sober people of the party.

My juiciest gossip partner in crime.
extremely juicy. *shakes head*
and to think we've actually sub consciously gossiped for 10 years, a fact that i consciously admit now.

and she says she has been wearing her slippers for 10 years!

self-taken pictures still work the best for us!

the best person to give you diet tips.

Caught in the act of gossipping!

She was my pri/secondary school mate!

Taking picture with ah bu ney ney, man in BLACK!


I'm finally done with the updates!
I still have more pics and reviews of great food to update, but another day!


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