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Friday, October 24, 2008

USA- Day 10

USA Travaganza 2008- DAY TEN!

We decided to have brekkie at Omelette Parlor in Santa Monica, Main Street

Here comes our gigantic and fluffy omelette!!

Stuffed with lots and lots of mushrooms, bacon and cheese!

and their freshly squeezed orange juice is very sweet!

Awesome breakfast!

we didn't have any specific plans on this day, and decided to just explore the little town of Santa Monica.

We stumbled upon this pets centre, something like Singapore's SPCA.

Most people seem to own a blackberry handset here in US.
and i particularly love this model in red.

Shopping again!

Omelette Parlor again (view from across the street)

The laundry


on the way to the DVD shop

someone washing his beautiful car at the car wash

made a short trip to the convenience store and came back with this

and all these too!

the sun is setting

all the birds were gone!
and upon closer look, i realised the people in front were there for a wedding, i saw the bride!
luckily i didn't go further up and intruded on them.

the 2 men at the back in this picture kept laughing at what we did, and they ended up helping us take this picture:

sunset in Santa Monica is beautiful!

Memorial Day- War Memorial at Santa Monica Pier.
an Iraq War Memorial has been set up with a cross for each fallen soldier.

Ratouille (dinner at a restaurant in 3rd street promenade)

Cheese fondue!

this baby is super duper cute!
he danced to the music the baskers were playing and everyone watched him with a fascinated smile on their faces!


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