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Thursday, September 28, 2006

my recent buys and probably my last for the month.
and i'm glad that the month's ending in 2 days! :P

m shaped boob tube

Hippie top! (thanks to Angel who inspired me to purchase this)
however, i may want to sell it away cuz it's a tad too big.
email me if you're keen and tempt me with your offers.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

i heart pasar malams.
for those yummy Ram-ly Burgers, hot & spicy otahs, muah chee, butter corn and many many yummylicious food!

nowadays, i heart pasar malams even more, cuz they are infested with many Sanrio and Disney characters.

i jusy got myself 2 nighties for $10.
mickey mouse and my childhood favourite, strawberry shortcake.

and i managed to find the Hello Kitty FM Auto Scan Radio in the shape of a little house.
i wanted it ever since i saw it at a friend's place in HongKong.

i got many stickers for my students, going for as cheap as 10 cents per sheet.

alrite enuff of these kiddish buys.

hope you enjoy these pics:

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

my buys today!

i wanted this for god knows how long and i thought it was discontinued.
but it came back eventually!
so, it's meant for me :)

another playsuit.
this one looks cuter with more details.
was struggling between white and navy blue and i chose white in the end cuz i think i look better in white.
tough choice though.

i need to sleep!

Monday, September 18, 2006

We went to The Little Bali aka The Villa Bali on Saturday!
it's a really nice chill out place with a hollistic concept, i felt like i was in Bali here!

Little Bali in Singapore dishes out a sample of the Balinese lifestyle and culture to our hectic lifestyles especially with their chill-out bar called 'The Villa Bali'. With a specially designed Balinese garden, it seeks to create an idyllic atmosphere for those nights when you need to destress and relax.

don't ask me where is it, although this is my 2nd time there, i have never been there by myself.
i was alwayz driven there.
the closest thing i can tell you is that it's near Alexander Road and it's quite a remote area.
now you know, my sense of directions is unfortunately, close to zero :P

Little Bali by day.

at the wine bar, waiting for an outdoor seat.

Outdoor garden area.

yesterday, a nice little angel got me this from DFS:

BAILEYS with a hint of mint chocolate!
it's newly launched early this year.
great for the chocolate lover in me.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

today, we went shopping!
and Bing got for me this:

i like it very much cuz it's very cute!

Monday, September 11, 2006

i can't stop shopping recently!
i really need mopiko on my fingers, or better still, chop them all off.

and the best thing, i'm spending even when i'm home.
or should i say, i spend the most when i'm home!!

well, here are my darn buys!

i have a fetish for polka dots.
why didn't i appreciate the time when i had chicken pox?
i had polka dots all over my skin then!

not only do i buy tops and shoes, now i buy lots of hair stuff too!

in case you were wondering why i'm so silly as to buy so many of the same clips in different colours, well, i actually only bought 2 butterfly clips (green and pink), the yellow one was given to me free by the kind seller who said the green one had a slight defect.

if only all sellers were like that!
the internet would be a fabulous place to trade and sell :)

Bubble shorts with suspenders, polka dot smocked babydoll, Hollister look-alike shorts.

i noticed my buys tend to be repeated!
argh, what's wrong with me???

here's how the bubble shorts+suspenders look on me.
was hesitant on buying this when i was trying it in the fitting room.

Tee from Zara!

i'm now on a temporary shopping ban!

let's look at good food now!
i can ban myself from shopping but i can NEVER ban myself from food!

lots of good food do not cost much, i enjoy the luxury of having really delicious food without hurting my wallet much.

The hawker centre opposite Parkway Parade (the one next to Mac's) serves some really good food.
Like the famous Apollo Fried Kuay Teow which is the best i've had in Singapore.
They've been around for years and even have their own special spoon to scoop up the kuay teow!
Very tasty and moist!

Hokkien mee is great too!

Porridge at Chang Cheng, Chinatown. (near Lucky Chinatown)
this stall is rather famous and opens 24 hours (i think, either this or opens till late)
try their fried intestines, i don't like this but many others do.
and their toufu.

besides Chang Cheng, i like Maxwell Market's Porridge too!
their toufu is super soft and melts in the mouth!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Wondering where to eat during the weekends?
why not head to Muthu's Curry to spice up your mood!

Their signature South Indian Fish Head Curry is potent and is arguably the best Indian styled Fish Head Curry in Singapore.
It's definitely a 'must-try!'

The other dish is the Masala Chicken.
a hearty dish of chicken cooked in thick, spicy paste.

besides these, you can try their other North/South Indian dishes like Naans, Flower Crabs, Fried Muttons etc.

The decor is Zen inspired and gives me a really comfortable feel :)
it's located at Race Course Road, and they have a newly opened branch at the basement of Suntec City.

Right, it's my snack of the month.
i've been hiding this in my room, indulging in it whenever my teeth wants to bite something.

made from real potatoes + real cheddar cheese.
definitely a blast for potatoes and cheese lovers.

tomorrow when i get home, i'm going to continue with my new addiction, The Sims 2 on PS 2 and my favourite snack.

you can find it in NTUC Fairprice.

OK, shall post pics of some of my recent buys.

Mineral eye make up.

cute bubble shorts in chilli red!
it comes with the polka dot belt.
i likey!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Monday, September 04, 2006

My actual birthday celebration

i had a reeeeally simple celebration on my actual day, 31st August (don't forget ah!)
large celebrations are exhilarating and fun.
simple celebrations entices me very much too :)

i had a hearty feast!
crocodile soup was fiesty and buddha jump over the wall was simply appetizing.
not forgetting the endless flow of sashimi, fresh oysters, crabs, teppanyaki and my all time favourite, i-scream!

(p.s i made a mistake on the label of the picture, i actually had my feast at Vienna, not Paris)

we chose Vienna cuz i have never tried it before and we don't know which cuisine to choose from so we set out minds on international buffet where they have all kinds of cuisines.

Caught The Devil Wears Prada
Great movie with a great plot, very realistic with a gentle breeze of romance.
Anna Hathaway is gorgeous with red lipstick and those stylish designer clothes.

Dinner at Chinatown.
i feel like a pig.
my whole life is revolving around food.

This will be quite a hectic week for me.
i'm finally gonna move!- to the heart of the city, now i'm near almost everywhere :)
and my new place is just 3 mins walk away from the MRT station (just like my current place)
i'm so used to living next to the MRT for convenience's sake.
meeting the contractor tomorrow and will be busy buying furniture and throwing stuff out for the next 2 weeks or so.



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