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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

To the most beautiful Angel, i will always remember you.

When we were young, we met up every week and travelled from the east to the north of Singapore for piano lessons together, missing stops and always alighting at wrong stations.

Our journey, even though 1 hour, always seems so short and is always filled with giggles, stories of our respective classmates cuz we were from different schools, gossips about the nasty boy who always disturbed you and about the rude girl who said your mum's cooking was bad.

After lessons, we were always gallivanting around, shopping, visiting arcades, doing all the girly stuffs together, going to each other's homes to play, we even wrote a story book together and you had such a flair for drawing, i even remember how your handwriting looks like.

Even when we were kids, you were already so determined and positive. Our piano teacher was always singing praises about how sensible and selfless you were, taking up so many jobs so as not to be a burden to your parents. Days with you back then were really fun and memorable, you were a part of my childhood, even my mum loved you.

We drifted apart in secondary school, still stayed in contact but much lesser than before, we still met up occassionally to catch up and do our usual gossips.

In 2006, you were diagnosed with blood cancer, but you told everyone you were fine once you were discharged, you were always smiling and saying that you're ok. you even told me you were completely recovered. Even at this critical time, you were still so considerate about the people around you, preventing them from worrying about you.

After 2 years of struggling with this illness, you left us yesterday.
I hope you will be happy and blessed.

I wish i spent more time with you, i want to tell you that you're really pretty with that great smile, i want to ask you all about your europe trip, i want to tell you that i really appreciate your help when i needed it the most, thank you for being there, thank you for being my friend.

I love you, Joreen Tay Xin Yu. (1982-2008)

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