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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

i just got back from Bintan!

We had 2 totally different but wonderful experiences at 2 different resorts.
We stayed 1 night at Bintan Lagoon, the biggest resort in Bintan and we stayed another night at Banyan Tree

At Bintan Lagoon, the feeling was just like going to Sentosa or a typical beach resort that has lots of families having fun by the pool and beach.

While at Banyan Tree, it is sooo romantic and sevice is impeccable! They were really thoughtful and very very polite, we were driven around in buggies which would arrive within 5 mins after we called and they would drive us to wherever we wanted within the very big resort. The villa was awesome, built on stilts amidst lush tropical surrounding coupled with splendid views of the deep blue ocean! and the best thing is that we had a private jacuzzi in the open space at our own private verandah attached to the room! I really felt i was in HEAVEN!

Anyway, i shall let the pictures to the talking :)

Bintan- Day 1

Reached Bintan Ferry Terminal
Bintan is only a 45 mins ferry ride from Singapore (board the ferry from Tana Merah Ferry Terminal)

The factory outlet at the terminal, i didn't buy anything cuz nothing caught my eyes.

On the way from Bintan Lagoon's shuttle bus to the resort.

This is how they welcome us to the resort when we reached.

Our deluxe sea view room

I like this cosy corner meant for in-room massage.

View from the room.

on the way to the pool

at the pool

First meal of the day!

Taxi to the Kelong Restaurant which was about 25 mins ride from Bintan Lagoon at a cost of USD20 per way.

at the entrance of the Kelong Restaurant

Sambal Kangkong, my favourite veggie!

Drunken prawns!
extremely fresh, very juicy and springy in texture!

Red snapper (700g, medium size)
This was really fresh too!

A tip from Bing: it's better to eat seafood which are steamed (esp fish and prawns), because the texture would be really springy and even more tender especially when they're still very fresh from places like kelong.

Chilli crab!
This is wonderful!!
it has been a long long time since i've had such a good crab, the gravy wasn't that good but it's the fresh meat of the crab which totally made my day :)

Total bill for these 4 dishes came up to be about SGD80+

fresh seafood at kelong


can someone tell me what's this?
it's like crayfish but a much bigger version.

back at Bintan Lagoon

i was starving at night and ordered this via room service.

will update about day 2 tomorrow!

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