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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas 2006!!!

The party's over but memories will alwayz stay.

As much as i would like to invite more people, the space is really limited but despite the difficulties, we decided to carry on with the party.

would like to thank you all who came with all the great food (the food were really really good!!! i still kept the beehoon and pizza*) and drinks! (my fridge is overloaded with soft drinks and green tea, my cupboard has some too!)
If you're near my place and need a drink, please drop by and finish them up for me!

here are the pics:


we shifted the couch and made a long aisle in the middle.

That's my heart filled with love for all of you*
forgive me cuz i don't have a flair for art and design, i can't draw an apple without it looking like an orange and if i drew a dog, you'll think it's a pig.

kitchen area.

my frosty room door :)

Itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny bar.
hey, we had more drinks than this, some were chilling in the fridge.



Elvy's HUUUUUUUGGGGEEEE pizza from Sebastian's.
i was amazed by it in 2005 and now, i'm still awed by it's size!
crust is thin, just what i like!!

Bing's roasted chicken with cherry tomatoes and steamed chicken with baby carrots!
cheese sausages too.

the large tray at the back contains Sueann's beehoon.
it's totally yummy, i really like it and kept half the tray.
i had it for breakfast the next day!
i'm going to steal your recipe!

next to it on the left is Steven's sweet and sour chicken.
Very generous serving!

The Lin Family are really good in the kitchen :)
Wendy's durian puddings are fantastic!

not forgetting Jo & May's potato salad.
please tell me the brand of mayo you used!

ah lun's signature dish (her maid's signature dish lah): Curry Chicken which everyone loves.

the rest brought drinks *in abundance*.


The SHOCK-ing appearance!!

in fact, this was the 2nd shocking appearance.
the 1st was 2 uniformed policeman who asked us to lower our volume cuz the neighbours complained.
but they were so so friendly i couldn't resist inviting them in for a drink!

now, this:

haha, you made the house rock with laughter.

i got a photo frame for gift exchange, till now, i don't know who is it from.
Bing received Pearly's lighter, Fiona received Jo's hp pouch, Lun got my cutie mouse pad and wrist rest, Syl got Lun's towel, Wendy had Sueann's 'cloth' and chocolates, Karyn got Bing's chocolates, Pearly had Eve's matching cups.
the rest i'm not sure.

but i really enjoy gift exchange, i think it's the highlight of the party.
can we do it again for CNY?????

what i received from the party:

see the small white packet on the right?
i thought it's FRUIT LOOPS (the cereal) and i happily told Pearly that too cuz she thought was mothballs!

i happily put it into the fridge, looking forward to having it for breakfast soon until Jo said it's a necklace!!
Poor Pearly bit it!!!

My gigantic tube of chocolates air flown from Adelaide!
Thank you leg :D


Monday, December 18, 2006

i bought this pair of 'cute as a button' melissa pumps from Novo over the weekends.
it's very very comfy and soft.
i can bend it anyhow i want cuz it's so flexible!
and the best part is that is has a bubble gum scent instead of the stinky rubber smell that most shoes come with.
it's totally yummy*

i bought these 2 tops too!
cuz they were so cheap and sweet.

Once again, it's my favourite season of the year.
Merry Christmas to all!
Bye 2006, i'm glad you're leaving, (you suck*)
I hope 2007 would be a good and lovely year for me and for all!

Friday, December 08, 2006

i just ordered this less than 10 minutes ago:

my all time favourite scent from Victoria's Secret: *Strawberries & Champagne*
it smells really really sweet.
when i bought the shampoo the other time, i felt like eating my hair!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

remember this pretty white dress which i bought?

i just received it not long and i can't wear it cuz it's too big for me.
it's really pretty as shown in the pic and comes with an inner layer for more protection, thus, it isn't sheer at all.

i'm letting it go, if interested, pls email me at

more details of this dress:
Overall Length: 88cm
Bust: 92cm
Chest Length: 71cm (not stretchable)
Material: Mulberry Silk
Suitable for S/M Size

Monday, December 04, 2006

here are some pictures taken during my snorkelling trip to Phuket a few months ago:

(as promised)

Khai Island

In the midst of the deep blue sea surrounding Phi Phi Island

i miss the deep blue sea with all the fishes happily swimming around you.
it's really carefree, stress free, trouble free.
what a pity the snorkelling trip isn't free :P


i bought handphone gem stickers, but not for my handphone.
my handphone's complicated enough, g-masked it at guangzhou previously.
so these gemstones are for my camera!

and this top:

Thursday, November 16, 2006

the loots from Mr Q has finally arrived!

this is the picture of me wearing the polka dot off shoulder top in real life. (as promised to a babe who tagged here)

and taking pictures of myself seems addictive, i can't seem to stop!
so i snapped and i snapped and snap snap snap!!!!!

material's really nicer than expected.
it's silky and smooth, and what's the exact term for this kinda material?
but it's rather uncomfortable cuz any slight movements and the smocked part will easily slide right up to my neck!

it fits me snugly.
not exactly though, a teeny bit smaller would be even better.
very comfortable i can even wear to sleep :P

Royal Purple Kimono Top. (without belt)
i got this from Chinatown for only $10, compared to sellers online or at Far East who sell this at $20+

same royal purple kimono with vintage belt.
my next quest would be a royal blue top.

another kimono top that falls nicely at my thighs, giving me a great chance to wear those leggings i tugged back from Guangzhou!!

*i remember Jo Chieng says she will not go out with me if i wear leggings, but i don't care, when i meet her again, i'm going to wear leggings and take them out and put on her head, make her look like robber. hahaha! funny right! *runs to hide*)

i take until i very tired leh!
see the colour of this pic?
no, i didn't adjust the lighting.
the colour's like that cuz it's sunset time!
i actually snapped until sunset!!

pics were taken in my brother's room (it's empty compared to mine)
and in his room, you can get a really nice (not perfect though) view of the sunset.
but it's darn hot!!
damn, i should have just snapped a pic of the sunset too!

Monday, November 13, 2006

SHOPPING GALORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i got this in beige.
*i so wanna go to a cold place for my next holiday.

isn't this so pretty?
i'm already thinking of where i can wear this to.

this top gives me a little gothic-lolita feel.
*i likey!*

what's wrong with yahoo mail these 2 days?
loading time is extremely slow!!!
i hope it gets better soon.


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