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Friday, September 19, 2014

[Food Review] Mouth Restaurant 9 Treasure Pot Feast

With a history tracing back to the 80s in Hong Kong, Mouth Restaurant has been serving up authentic cuisines of unparalleled quality in Singapore for the past 25 years. They believe in taking Hong Kong’s celebrated food culture to another level.

Apart from being conveniently located in Chinatown, the decor in there whilst taking inspiration from the traditional, also pulls off a contemporary feel making for a fresh and pleasant dim sum dining environment. 

We were very honoured and excited to be invited to Mouth Restaurant to try their 9 Pot Treasure Feast (promotion going on, please read more below) which consists of a 9 course Emperor's Feast including suckling pig, sharkfin's soup and many more.

The first one the list of feast is their BAKED SUCKLING PIG. Baking this dish means that it is NOT AS OILY and it serves as a healthier alternative than to roast it. What is amazing is that Mouth Restaurant can still retain the crispiness of the skin with moist and tender meat below. Best to eat it with their home made sauce.

2nd item on the menu is EARLY DAYS SHARK'S FIN SOUP. Haven't had such delicious, creamy soup with generous strands of shark's fin in a long time. Awesome when topped with crispy strips of cuttlefish and a dash of vinegar.

Next came the NOSTALGIC PRAWNS. These prawns come from crystal clear water from the Red Sea and feeds on leading edge marine agriculture phytoplankton, hence it is antibiotic free and has very superior natural flavour. The idea of prawns served on crispy toast is totally ingenious!

BRAISED TRIO SEA CUCUMBER IN ABALONE SAUCE. As the name implies, this dish is also accompanied by fish maw, mushrooms and spinach. My late grandmother loved sea cucumbers and hence, this was quite a common dish in our home. Sea cucumbers here are freshly picked and free from radicals and preservatives. Very flavourful and wholesome dish, I felt like I was at home :)

HONG KONG TEMPLE STREET CLAYPOT RICE. This dish looks so simple but it's cooked to perfection and just the way it should be cooked! The beauty of eating claypot rice lies in the crunchy burnt bits of rice that is stuck to the side of the claypot mixed with the flavour of the chicken that accompanied the rice.

Next that arrived at the table was the SAUTEED ASPARAGUS WITH WILD MUSHROOM. Good wok-hei with the XO sauce making this a tasty dish!

TRADITIONAL BRAISED "PI PA" TOUFU. Legend has it that the “Pipa Tofu”, shaped to the musical instrument Pipa and (or) to some degree of likeness with theloquat fruit (the what fruit? The Loquat fruit) was a favourite dish of Xi Shi, a beauty so great that fish would forget to swim upon seeing her reflection and sink. Here, Mouth Restaurant's rendition of this dish is pretty tasty and definitely one of the best I ever had.

BASIL TIGER GROUPER FISH in 3 cup sauce. We were very happy to be served this fish instead of the usual grouper. The tiger grouper (Mycteroperca tigris) is a species of fish in the Serranidae family. This grouper has a tapered body, often reddish, with vertical stripes on its sides. Extremely fresh and very well executed. 

Last but not least comes the LEGENDARY BAKED SALTED EGG YOLK BUN. Again, it's another baked dish and I simply love the idea of having baked but yet super crispy dishes. The custard buns at Mouth Restaurant stand out as the custard buns here have a baked crust, providing a refreshing textural juxtaposition when bitten into. Inside, you can feel grainy bits of the salted egg with a tinge of sweetness. The flavours of the eggs, the richness of the butter and the creaminess of the custard comes together very well. Lovers of custard buns, this will definitely NOT disappoint and must at least try it once in your life. You'll be back for more, I promise!

GOOD NEWS!!! Mouth Restaurant is running a promotion for the 9 Pot Treasure Feast at only $23.80 per pax! This is an incredibly good deal for so many wonderful dishes.

Lastly, would like to also add that besides the traditional Chinese dishes, Mouth Restaurant has also evolved into creating modernized Chinese cuisine. Innovative dishes like  squid ink soup, squid in porridge, squid ink char siew bun or squid in rice roll can also be found in their menus and they are constantly adding new items to their menu.

Can't wait to come back here again!

Mouth Restaurant
BRANCH 1: China Square Central #01-61, 18 Cross St.
Tel: +65 6438 5798
BRANCH 2: 68 Orchard Road, #02-01 Plaza Singapura
Tel: +65 63377446


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All the dishes are looking very tasty. I wish I could eat them right now. I liked SAUTEED ASPARAGUS WITH WILD MUSHROOM the most. Anyways tomorrow I am going to Boston and I will definitely visit most famous Boston restaurants to grab yummy food.

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