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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

[Food Review] Wilder Mann Singapore

Wilder Mann is a beautiful, homely and humble restaurant newly opened at along Upper Thompson Road. Here, you can find authentic German food and Austrian beers at very reasonable prices in a German atmosphere!

 It really resembled a beer garden I visited in Munich years back.

 The walls are painstakingly hand painted by the owner himself and this whole place is actually designed by the owner himself too.

Comfy cushioned seats with fluffy pillows!

 Stiegl is the most popular beer of Austria and is known for its slightly sour taste. 

Selfie station, take a selfie with this gigantic Stiegl mug.

Great deals for alcohol lovers!

As mentioned above, Stiegl is one of the most common brands of beer to be found in Austria. Stiegl brews both a helles (a light lager) and a Weissbier(Hefeweizen), as well as other specialty beers.

They also serve the Kapuziner Weissbier, a German Hefeweizen beer by Kulmbacher Brauerei (Schörghuber), a brewery in Kulmbach, Bavaria. It has a tangy and fruity note to it and not as bitter as some other types of beer.

My ultimate favourite among the different types of beer I've tried that night was this STRAWBERRY flavoured beer called FRULI. It was soooooo good and the taste of the beer is almost totally masked, i thought i was drinking sweet fruit juice. Highly recommended for ladies who don't like the bitter taste of beer!

 Besides just drinking and dining, Wilder Mann also offers GAMES to entertain their customers, therefore, it is a perfect place to totally unwind and have some fun and loads of laughter. Some games are authentic German games!

 Indulge in truly authentic, traditional German fare here. This above is the breaded pork loin with mushroom sauce and fries. In German, it's called Schweineschnitzel “Jäger Art” mit Pommes. $12.90. Simple, wholesome and so delicious!

Bavarian Weisswürste, Frankfurter pork hot dog and Five Cheese-Cracker Sausage served with their home made potato salad. A typical set of German sausages here costs $6.80 which is extremely reasonable and doesn't hurt the pocket. My favourite was the cheese sausage!

Fresh and juicy bearded portobello mushroom! 

Wilder Mann is the right place to be if you're hungry for simple German food and beer to wash it down with. Be completely at home here!

Do check out their facebook page for promotions!

Wilder Mann Singapore

Address:  906 M Upper Thomson Road Singapore 787110
Tel: 98799544
Hours: Daily 6.30pm- 12 midnight

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