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Saturday, September 20, 2014

[Food Review] Greenwood Fish Bistro

If you are a seafood lover, you probably would have already heard about Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro located at Greenwood Avenue, near the Botanic Gardens.

Greenwood Fish Market is actually more than a retail fish shop, specializing in fish and seafood, indeed they serve up the best Fish n Chips in Singapore which many have claimed.

The restaurant gets crowded and is almost fully packed almost everyday be it weekdays or weekends so be sure to call and make a reservation before coming to avoid waiting.

A basket of home made warm and soft Foccaccia bread was served on our table right after we were seated.

Check with their friendly staff on their daily specials which is different everyday.

They also import live shellfish (Oysters, Clams, Mussels, Scallops) from New Zealand, Australia, Alaska and Canada; freshly shucked oysters are a big feature and depending on the time of year, as they change sources/countries following the best of the winter seasons, you might be treated to wonderful Fanny Bay Oysters from British Columbia or the legendary Bluff Oysters from New Zealand.

 Coromandel Bay - Southern part of the North Island of New Zealand.

New Zealand is near the Antarctica and the water is really cold and clean. So oysters are of very good quality generally. The cold weather season (which happens now) is when oysters fatten up. The sea water is extremely salty here, so the oysters are also very briny. 

Tsarskaya - Brittany, France.

 The Cancale oyster has been the food of kings since the dawn of time. Even Roman emperors had the oysters delivered for their fabulous banquets. Later, the Cancale oysters would always have a place on the tables of Henri IV, François 1st, Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Marie-Antoinette, Robespierre, Desmoulins, Danton, John Singer Sargent and Signac. But the biggest oyster enthusiasts were none other than the Tsars of Russia. 

Over a century ago, the oysters left for St Petersburg and were presented on the TSARS' tables, 
alongside caviar or Vodka. As an homage to these illustrious food lovers the TSARSKAYA oyster was created.  Just like the fabulous era that inspired its creation, this oyster is firm, meaty and is exclusively farmed in Cancale. Its refinement gives it a unique flavour that was so dear to the TSARS, and which is today appreciated by all food lovers in Russia. The TSARSKAYA represents the essence of what the Russians love about Cancale oysters, and therefore makes it the real Pearl of the Tsars. And indeed, this was seriously tasty!

Applewood Cold Smoked Salmon with Fried Capers & Pickled Onions

 Lots of good and fresh salmon are imported and they smoked them themselves. The smoked Salmon is hand sliced, cured with sugar and salt, smoked with Californian Apple Wood using the natural old smoking techniques.  The taste and smell of the platter is amazing and one can smell the sweet scent of the apple wood.

Sardines in Brown Butter

If you have never quite liked sardines, your opinion would change once you try the ones here at Greenwood Fish Bistro. Lightly pan-seared until crispy and served with a citrusy salad, the taste was positively distinctive and utterly delicious!


Batter was light and tasty, Calamari was succulent and very fresh. Definitely one of the better ones around.

Scottish Scallops on Sweet Potato  Puree & White onions

Excellent king diver scallops were presented on our tables, juicy and succulent, we enjoyed every bit of it. The sweetness from the puree brought its taste to another dimension.

Sobayki Pork Belly

Another ingenious creation by Chef Alan, the head chef of Greenwood Fish and Market Bistro. Loved how tender the meat was!

Fish & Chips Black Cod

Here comes THE BEST FISH & CHIPS IN SINGAPORE!!! Even though we were already quite full from the other dishes, we still die die must squeeze this into our stomachs. And despite being so full, we still enjoyed this very thoroughly. The flesh of the Black Cod is extremely delicate, batter is light and crispy accompanied by world class fries. This is already my third time here for their fish & chips and I am really glad they are still keeping up to their standards. 

Hot Smoked Ocean Trout 

It's firm, yet when you cut it with your fork, it breaks nicely, and not crumble. It is in my opinion, silghtly sweeter than the salmon. Once again, this was smoked in-house and brought about an awesome smokey flavour!

Cape Town Rock Lobsters fried with cajun butter

The very tasty cajun butter complimented the fresh lobster, this is another star dish.

Chef Alan, head chef of Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro brings all these great seafood at reasonable prices for all to enjoy. Clearly very fresh, high-quality seafood is the key and whilst top-draw seafood is never cheap, with direct importing their prices are very fair.

Apart from their day-to-day fish retail, Greenwood Fish Market also prepare seafood platters, sashimi platters, shucked oysters and prepare fish and marinate for BBQ’s, and they have a delivery service, all perfect for that next party or dinner you are holding.

34 Greenwood Ave, Singapore 289236
6467 4950
M-Sat: 12-10.30pm
Sun & PH: 11am – 10.30pm


Alliha Jonson said...

I have never got a chance to visit Green Fish Bistro but my brother had been there many times because he is fond of sea food of that place. He always said to me that I should visit this place but I have never done this and now after reading your post I found it pleasant and nice place. I will try to visit it once in my life probably after canadian bus tours because after finishing it I have no other plan.

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