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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

[Food Review] Le Halo

Quietly tucked away along Bukit Ho Swee lies a new, small and cozy cafe, Le Halo which also operates as a vintage retail shop. 

What impresses me is the interior which is colourful and whimsically decorated with vintage pieces and old school games. Every corner seems to be filled with something that surprises me. When I first stepped in, all I wanted to do was take pictures and there is always something different for me to capture in my pictures every turn I take although it's quite compact in space.

Was amazed by how they overturned the chairs and hung them in mid air to decorate the place and also the usage of vintage sewing machines as tables.

Every table has a box of games and in it, you can find nostalgic child hood games like 5 stones, Pick-Up-Sticks, marbles etc. (Do these ring a bell to you?)

Cutesy accessories for cats are on sale too! A pity I don't own a cat, otherwise I would have bought some of these pretty ribbons.

I got excited seeing these piggy banks! I have an exact same one lying in my room although it's doing nothing except collecting dust now :P

The vibrant colours of this cafe instantly lifted up my mood, it's such a charming and happy place!

And besides the unique decor, Le Halo serves pretty decent food too.

Rose Latte. This looks so sweet and girly! There's a subtle hint of rose in it, a unique creation by the chef. Served with colourful candied biscuits which I always eat when I was a child.

Soursop Sorbet Float with soursop ice-cream. Extremely refreshing and thirst quenching. Slightly sourish and very fizzy.

Then came this absolutely gorgeous piece of Rainbow Kueh Lapis!!! Another colourful masterpiece cleverly created to match the cafe's theme.

Cheesy Tuna. Tuna, mayonnaise, sauteed mushrooms topped with melted cheese on a thick slice of Brioche with lots of greens and other veggies. Presentation was good and the combination of tuna and cheese with bread never fails. 

Mushroom Carbonara. This came with a perfectly poached egg on top. As you can see from the pic, egg yolk is runny which makes it very mouth watering. Pasta was creamy enough for my liking and blends very well with the tasty bacon bits that came with it.

Eggy Benny. Unlike many other cafes, the bennys here comes in 2 sets. One with poached egg on toast and ther other with another poached egg on baked bread, served with hollandaise, ham, crispy bacon and pea puree.

Mini Pork Burgers. This is something I would recommend to try if dining here. Their burgers are quite different and rather impressive. Meat patty is juicy and nicely marinated and topped with what seemed like piquant BBQ sauce. The fried bacon that came with it gave it an even better overall taste. Love it to bits!!!!

Le Halo's popular Profiteroles. One was filled with durian and the other with pistachio ice-cream. Pastry was light and this was the perfect way to end the meal.

Thank you Elia for your warm hospitality and your genuine service coupled with the good food and happy ambience of Le Halo would definitely bring us back :)

Le Halo
Blk 4 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee
Singapore 162004


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