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Friday, September 05, 2014

[Food Review] K Cook Korean BBQ- Value for money Korean BBQ!

Joining the latest Korean trend is K Cook Korean BBQ, one of the latest establishments in Singapore located in Orchard Road!

It serves a DIY Korean BBQ style buffet at a cost that would not burn a hole in your pockets! Value for money starting from as low as $14.90.

The above picture is the entrance to K Cook.

Their outdoor area is spacious and very well ventilated, check out their super big ceiling fan. Enjoy the view of the city's skyline at the window seats. We were recommended the outdoor seats by the friendly Korean staff as there might be strong BBQ smell indoors.

Indoor seating area is air conditioned for those who would prefer to escape the mid day heat. 

The food and drinks station.

The cooked food section. Chicken stew, glass noodles. Korean rice cake, Korean pancakes, Kimchi soup, chicken wings, pork bulgogi are available. I loved BBQ restaurants that serve cooked food because that means I can get to munch a little bit to fill up my famished stomach while waiting for the raw food to be BBQ-ed.

K Cook really ensures that you will not be hungry the minute you step in!

 Fruits and vegetables section. They have potato salad too!

Salad dressing for the salad.

4 types of beef to choose from. Marinated beef short ribs, beef bulgogi, beef plate eye and marinated beef plate eye. I was told that the native Koreans like having their meat plain and un-marinated whereas most Singaporeans like having their meat marinated, therefore the selection of marinated meat is more than the plain ones to cater to Singaporeans' palettes.

Pork Belly, Pork Collar, Marinated pork collar and chicken.

Vegatables and Korean sauces to accompany the BBQ meat. For me, i super love wrapping the BBQ meat with lettuce. Must add garlic, onions, chilli, Korean bean paste and Kimchi inside too.

The Kimchi here is also fine tuned to Singaporeans' tastes. It's sweeter and less sourish compared to the original ones. 

Drinks station, Korean Barley Tea and ice water. Besides these, they also have soft drinks.

We were recommended by the staff to try this alcoholic beverage which is Korean Plum Liquor. It has a sweet and slightly sourish fruity taste and around 14% alcohol content. Tastes a little bit like Choya. 

Do note that the alcoholic beverages are not included in the buffet.

A table full of food! 

Love the beef plate eye and the very tantalizing beef bulgogi.

Very impressed by the flat and wide pan used for BBQing the food. It doesn't char the food and it's non stick, the pieces of meat won't stick to the pan no matter how dry. It's non greasy and non smoky too!

I would say it's one of the best BBQ joints i've been to, most that i visited were actually quite smoky and my clothes would stink of BBQ smoke but it doesn't happen here. What's more, you don't have to oil the pan to cook the food, thus, it really feels much healthier to be dining here. 

The pan is very easily cleaned with water too and the waiters will go around the tables cleaning the pan when they spot dirty ones.

Prawns and seafood were fresh and succulent.

My way and also the Korean way of eating their BBQ meat. Dip the meat in some of the Korean bean paste, add some garlic, onions, vegetables, wrap it up and dump the whole thing into your mouth. Haha, I love how crunchy the lettuce is and everything just bursts into flavour when bitten.

Another thing i learnt when I was in Korea earlier this year was to fry rice with the remaining ingredients left on the BBQ pan/stove. (I was in Korea for 2 weeks and I ate BBQ almost EVERYDAY consecutively, couldn't believe i could do this but I did it and still loving BBQ).

Must make sure the restaurant serves rice.

 Just take a bowl of rice, put it on the pan, add some Korean bean paste, kimchi, leftover meat/prawns etc. (use scissors provided to cut the veggies and meat into small pieces). Fry everything together for about 3-5 minutes, add a dash of soya sauce and pepper to taste and there you have, very tasty Korean fried rice which I absolutely enjoy!!! Do try it, it's simple and very delicious.

It was a Monday and the restaurant was almost filled to the brim. We foresee that this restaurant is going to be a hit so do make reservations before coming!

Hope you will enjoy K Cook as much as we did :)

K Cook Korean BBQ Buffet

181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #07-01, Singapore 238896
Tel: +65 6884 7282
Buffet Price

Mon to Fri (11.30am-3pm): Adult $14.90++ Child $8.90++
Weekends, PH & PH eve (11.30am-5pm): Adult $24.90++ Child $18.90++
Mon to Thur (5.30pm-10pm): Adult $24.90++ Child: $18.90++
Fri to Sun, PH & PH eve (5pm-10pm): Adult $26.90++ Child $18.90++


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