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Friday, September 12, 2014

Water's Makeover Part 2!

Water is back at Petopia for his second makeover!

This time, Water went through 2 fabulous makeover treatments which I will be explaining about in more details below.

This first treatment Water was given was the HYDRATING GEL PACK with OZONE NANO MIST.

Addressing common skin conditions in the form of flaky skin, brittle coats or hair loss, a Hydrating Gel Pack with Ozone Nano Mist session offers a therapeutic yet pampering solution to the mentioned maladies and more! :)

Harnessing the deeply hydrating, rejuvenating and regenerating properties from a botanical blend of 8 unique herbs*, the luxurious application of freshly prepared warm gel to the skin and coat promises a bespoke spa experience that is unique to only Petopia! :p

*Botanical Blend of :
❥ Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender)
❥ Althea Officinalis (Rose of Sharon)
❥ Wakame (Japanese Sea Kelp)
❥ Aesculus hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut)
❥ Chamomilla Recutita (Chamomile)
❥ Soybean
❥ Bilberry
❥ Green Tea

Besides the intensely moisturising gel pack, a constant stream of nano mist is being created from a rich hydrolate containing a signature blend of tsubaki (Camellia japonical) and rice bran extract.

I believe Water really likes this as he didn't even fidget at all during the entire treatment.

With the ozonised nano mist being delivered under a customised spa net, the synergy created between the mist and gel pack locks in moisture to ensure maximum hydration  and repair during the spa session ~ expect calm skin and candy floss-like coats free from tangles and persistent odour! 

Water was so relaxed and at ease that he dozed off almost immediately after treatment has startded, LOL. I wish I was there doing this together with him too! *Envious*

❈ What Else You Need To Know about Petopia's treatments ❈

Taking into account the hypersensitivity a large number of guests may be susceptible to when undergoing treatment, this pampering spa session is performed with products which are FREE from preservative, artificial fragrance, colour, gluten, and ethanol.

All cleansing and skin priming formulations DO NOT CONTAIN parabens, sulphates and phthalates.


The second treatment Water went through was the Hyperbaric Oxygen Healing.

Singapore's finest holistic pet wellness centre Petopia® is proud to be the first pet establishment in Asia, other than Japan, to introduce Hyperbaric Oxygen Healing, a refreshing way to help animal companions revitalize, rejuvenate and recover naturally with oxygen!

Hyperbaric Oxygen Healing (HOH) at Petopia not only aims to help animal companions cope with the effects of ageing, illnesses, injury or overexertion, but also achieve optimal physical and mental health via ready access to pure oxygen.

“Hyper", which means increased and "baric", which relates to pressure, refers to treatment with pure oxygen at greater than normal atmospheric pressures.

In HOH, the animal companion is placed in a large transparent chamber that supplies a pressurized flow of pure oxygen 1.5 times that of atmospheric oxygen level, affording the companion more oxygen in the bloodstream, speeding up recovery processes. 

The treatment works on the principle that high oxygen concentration, combined with increased air pressure in the chamber, raises plasma-oxygen concentration, allowing oxygen to diffuse into tissues at depths much further than usual to promote healing.

Inside the chamber, the animal companion rests comfortably on a soft cushion while the oxygen works on the body, wounds, swellings, burns, other injuries or illnesses.

Frequent and regular 30-minute treatment sessions would facilitate a speedy recovery as breathing increased levels of oxygen inside a hyperbaric chamber initiates healing responses in a natural way without side effects.

“As a holistic pet wellness centre, it is our aim to offer a comprehensive suite of services that caters to the needs of a wide repertoire of animal companions, young or old, healthy or sick. The introduction of Hyperbaric Oxygen Healing will boost Petopia's suite of healing services, namely massage and moxibustion (a non-intravenous healing technique which involves burning herbs in a special pipe and placing them over meridian points of an animal's body),” said Mr. Marcus Khoo, Executive Director of Petopia. 

"With Hyperbaric Oxygen Healing, Petopia® now offers a complete range of services that addresses the issues our animal companions face from head to toe. 

From odour control to detoxification, we have the nanobubble bath and ultrasonic spa therapy. From skin to cuticle repair, we have the Ayurveda Herb Pack Far Infrared Therapy, Nano Silk Mist Therapy and the Keratin Strengthening Ozone Mist Therapy. Hyperbaric Oxygen Healing will help to heal animal companions from inside out, by supplying more oxygen to cells to aid rejuvenation and recovery, " added Mr. Marcus Khoo, Executive Director of Petopia.

Efficacies of Hyperbaric Oxygen Healing

• Stress Relief*

Dissolved oxygen is a form of pure oxygen which is readily delivered to every cell of the body. It neutralizes active oxygen which causes ageing. Moreover, it enhances cell metabolism and brings about an energised state from fatigue.

Pain, Swelling and Inflammation Relief#

Hyperbaric oxygen helps reduce swelling and pain in the acute stages of injury and it dramatically hastens fracture healing. Using hyperbaric oxygen to treat injuries will dramatically hasten the recovery process (50% to 70% faster than without HOH).

• Fatigue Recovery*

Listlessness or fatigue is generally caused by an accumulation of lactic acid. A sufficient supply of oxygen decomposes and eliminates lactic acid from the body.

• Rejuvenation*

A 30 minute session is equivalent to a 2 hour aerobic exercise, by enhancing metabolism and fat-

• Healing of Skin Infection / Recovery of Wounds ^

Wounds without adequate tissue oxygen levels will not heal. In most diseases or injuries, blood flow to the diseased tissue is compromised, which in turn decreases the amount of oxygen available for tissue healing. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is able to increase tissue oxygen levels in diseased or injured tissue, thereby speeding up healing.

*especially beneficial for senior animal companions

^especially beneficial for festering wounds from fights or self-inflicted wounds

#especially beneficial for animals companions suffering from hip dysplasia, spinal injuries, laxating patella etc

Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Healing:

• Reduces fatigue and recovery time by decomposing and eliminating lactic acid

• Shortens recovery time after rigorous activity, exercise, injury or surgery

• Revitalizes by improving blood flow and oxygen to all organs

• Regenerates small blood vessels (capillaries), nerves and bones

• Rejuvenates by releasing stem cells from bone marrow for tissue repair

• Reduces pain, tingling, cramps, numbness

• Suppresses inflammation and swelling

• Speeds up healing of muscles, ligament tears and fractured bones (by up to 70% faster)

• cleansing blood from toxins and toxic substances

• maintaining general health and strengthening immune system

• arresting the progress of many acute and chronic problems

Water is also given a pretty bow tie customized by Petopia. Water is a very happy dog!

Last but not least, meet DISCO, the resident dog of Petopia, love his funky hairdo :)

About Petopia® is Singapore's finest holistic sanctuary devoted to the wellness of animal companions. Located at 26 Jalan Kelulut, it is a one-stop pet sanctuary offering a comprehensive suite of holistic products and services ranging from top-grade dietary and nutritional products, grooming accessories and styling services, customised spa treatments, expert consultation, to hotel services and enrichment workshops. 

For more information, please contact Petopia® at +65-68869056 or email


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