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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

[Food Review] Beer Market

Centrally located at Clarke Quay, Beer Market has a special concept where prices of beer fluctuates according to the demand of beer. They carry a myriad of beer from all over the world and besides beer, their food menu is very comprehensive and enticing as well.

This is an awesome place to chill out with friends over football, enjoy great music from their live band and a fantastic meal sure to please the palates.

They have a promotion during their Happy Hour where side dishes are going at $10 for any 3.

We were awed by the array of uncommon brews they offered, we tried a number of them. This one above is Wells Banana Bread Beer. This unique brew combines all the traditional qualities and style of a Charles Wells beer with the subtle flavour of banana, i personally like it a lot as it doesn't tastes as bitter as many other types of beer.

Next came the Mystic Peach Beer. It smells fresh and tasty and has the full flavour of sun-ripened peaches combined with wheat beer. Sweet to the palates and very suitable for ladies.

The Matso's Mango Beer is another fruity beer which has a nice balance of flavours, not too overpowering and very refreshing.

Wells Honey Beer. Unlike it's name, it doesn't have the slightest hint of honey at all and it was rather bitter in fact.

 Lychee Beer, this is definitely a ladies' favourite and tastes intensely of rich lychees.

Kopparberg's Elderflower and Lime Cider. The juice of both elderflower and lime is added to Kopparberg's Apple Cider resulting in an invigorating and refreshing taste, all the ladies at our table agreed that this was our favourite drink of the night.

The very first dish presented on our table was the magnificent Seafood Shooters with Tiger Radler ($22.90). Shooter glasses containing prawns, salmon and crab meat garnished with fresh chopped tomato, onion, herbs and spices. But WAIT, before you put these down your throat, Tiger Radler Beer must be poured into the shots to be eaten together with the seafood. An incredibly brilliant combination thought of by their Chef Steven.

 The Tiger Radler Beer tasted sweet and fizzy, a perfect combination to enjoy the chilled and refreshing freshness of seafood. A definite MUST-TRY! *2 thumbs up*

 Next came the Salmon and Tiger Lettuce Wrap ($12.90). Fresh prawns and salmon with egg mayonaise wrapped in big crunchy lettuce, i super LOVE this dish, it simply adds a twist to the traditional bar food menu. 

Squid Ink Fried Rice ($13.90). This is a fusion of squid ink and seafood stir-fried rice. I like how it was presented to us. The Chef mentioned that the rice is filled in a glass cup so that heat can be retained. The rich aromas of this dish immediately filled the air once the glass was lifted. You will not go wrong with this.

BM "No Nonsense" Steak ($22.90). This was served with fries, dou miao (chinese vegetables) instead of the usual lettuce and topped with a dollop of mentaiko butter. Slabs of beef seared and caramelized to achieve a pink juicy centre. Having it with the mentaiko butter further intensifies the richness of the meat. Seriously, no nonsense. Super craving it for this now as i'm typing this.

Beef Horfun in French Onion Soup Gravy ($14.90). Generous strips of Australian Sirloin Beef stir-fried with Horfun drenched in French Onion gravy. What an interesting mix of Asian and Western flavours. But what's important was that these flavours infused very well together giving it an overall rich taste.

Chicken Truffle ($15.90). Tender chicken chop laid on a creamy potato mash bathed in creamy mushroom gravy and drizzled with truffle. If you're a cream sauce lover, you'll love this dish. I like having the chicken together with the mash.

Prawn Twisters ($8.90). Crunchy on the outside and succulent on the inside. A superb snack that must be dipped in their signature "Shiok Sauce" which is rather spicy but as it names implies, very SHIOK!

Chicken Rice Pizza ($17.90). Who would have thought that chicken rice could actually be the toppings of a pizza? I thought that this was the most interesting and innovative dish in the menu. Fragrance bits of rice and shreds of chicken with crispy, thin pizza crust. Will definitely be back for this.

Their Salted Egg Mayo Seafood Pizza ($21.90) was another tantalizing delight. Salted egg yolk has a very rich and intense flavour by itself. Together with generous, fresh chunks of prawns, crabmeat and fish, this dish is simply amazing!!

Midnight Seafood Rice ($13.90). Simple but yet very tasty dish.

Luncheon Fries ($6.90). Another popular pub snack, sinfully yummy!

The casual and relaxed atmosphere, coupled with affordable drinks and well-executed food, makes Beer Market the place to head to the next time you crave an after-dark session to unwind, and when your pals and you need a spot to enjoy your matches.
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Beer Market
#01-17 & #02-02, Clarke Quay
3B River Valley Road
Tel: +65 9661 8283
Sun to Thu: 6pm – 1am
Fri & Sat: 6pm – 3am
Eve of PH: 6pm – 3am
Closed on Mon
Nearest Station: Clarke Quay

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