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Friday, July 11, 2014

Aromatherapy Hair Creme Bath at Dadaluxe

I am very happy to be blessed with very smooth, naturally straight and finely textured hair which i am rather proud of. However, nothing is perfect, despite this, i have an oily scalp, I cannot go more than 12 hours without washing my hair as my hair would get very oily gradually after that.

I am so thankful for the amazing Hair Creme Bath treatment i received from Dadaluxe a few days ago, it helped cleanse my oily scalp and protects it from UV damages and other 'poison' which is potentially damaging.

DADA Glow Premium Organic Hair Creme Bath Treatment intensify the power of certified organic produce and fresh ingredients to create an environment for strong healthy & shinny hair. It restore balance and health back to your scalp, and cast a layer of protection against environmental aggression and UV damage. Perfect for all scalp and hair type, DADA Glow Premium Organic Creme Bath cleanses, reinvigorates, moisturizes and relax your hair, making it stronger silkier and more vibrant.

Treatment room was spacious and brightly decorated with yellow furniture giving it a very warm and cozy environment.

The comfortable arm chairs on the left are for their hand & foot treatment.

You can choose from a variety of creme baths like Marula Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and also treatments such as "Protein, Glow, Revival, Lush, Soothe, Expresso" for different benefits. All ingredients used are natural and fresh.

Benefits of these creme baths include sebum control, promoting hair growth, prevention of hair loss, brings shine to dull hair, deep hydration, prevents damages, prevents scalp from harsh environments, prevents itch etc.

Each treatment lasts as long as 75 minutes.

I was recommended to try their "Soothe" Creme Bath as i had oily scalp which is rather sensitive at times and will itch occasionally.

 Soothe Hair Crème Bath uses menthol and aloe vera to cool and relax the scalp, and eradicate dandruff, while saturating the hair cortex with moisture. It aids in relieving you of dry and itchy scalp.

Cooling sensation to combat humid, itchy scalp. 
Analgesic properties to fight minor pains. 
Antipruritic properties to stop itching. 
Anesthetic and anti-irritant properties for fast relieve.


I was led to wash and shampoo my hair, this Pure organic revitalising shampoo was used, it is another one of the organic items by Dadaluxe. Not only does it smell excellent, it also has plenty of benefits because of the organic and pure ingredients it contains.

Benefits: It contains rich hydrating properties. It contains vitamin E to heal, repair and protect your scalp and hair. It contains antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. It contains antioxidants to free radicals. It is free from harmful synthetic chemicals and artificial additives.

This was the lady attending to me, she was very knowledgeable about Dadaluxe's products and explained patiently to me what some of them were about.

The staff were all so nice and attentive to my needs, I was given a nice cup of Numi Organic Tea (Moroccan Mint flavour) while having my hair treatment.

And then it begins.. the creme was slowly and gently massaged into my scalp and i could feel the cooling sensation from the mint intensifying, it felt really great and relaxing, feels so good to be pampered this way!

Next, i was put under the steamer so that the hair and the scalp and absorb all the nutrients and goodness from the treatment.

Was given another cup of tea by the lovely staff and this time, they let me try the "Chocolate Pu'er" flavour. I thought this was something very cleverly combined. It smells like sweet chocolate but when you drink it, it's not at all sweet like chocolate. It doesn't make me feel guilty having this chocolate drink.

I was given a shoulder and neck massage too!!!

The whole session felt so relaxed and the staff pampered me like a princess and off i left with very clean scalp, my hair feels so much healthier when i stepped out from Dadaluxe.

Till next time!

Dada Luxe is located at:

15 Teo Hong Road Singapore 088328
Phone: 6966 6660


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