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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gorgeous Gelish Manicure at Absolutely Nails!

It has been a really long time since i last painted my nails, i love seeing pretty colours on my nails but i am rather clumsy and they don't stay on my nails for long. However, gelish manicure may be the solution for this as it lasts much longer and i can continue being clumsy without my nails getting scratched or chipped off.

Was very happy to have found ABSOLUTELY NAILS to do my nails as I wanted some nice nails for my good friend's wedding at the end of that week.

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Located at my absolute favourite area in Singapore, Katong!!! it's just 3 minutes walk from Katong I12 and opposite Glory Catering. Absolutely Nails is the sister company of 'Foot Haven', another popular place for massage (will be blogging about Foot Haven real soon too) and is located within foot haven. What a perfect place for an ultimate pampering session.

Place is rather spacious as compared to nany small nail parlours i have visited before. Nicely decorated with quirky paintings, colourful stools and comfortable armchairs. The room is filled with a nice scent coupled with soothing music to create a spa-like-ambience.

I was seated right beside this panel where many words were written and i was kinda entertained by some of the quotes.

My manicurist was very attentive to my needs. I told her i wanted a design and colour that matched my dress which had hues of purples. I showed her a picture of the dress i was going to wear for my friend's wedding and cleverly thought of something which went very well with my outfit!

Throughout the pampering session - cutting, filing, shaping, buffing, soaking, cuticle, massaging and polish, she was extremely detailed, precise, efficient and gentle. Especially on the cuticle removal part, there wasn’t any form of discomfort and pain at all.

The end results!!! 

Very sweet colour combination which went perfectly with my dress.
Here's a picture of the dress i wore:

Now i have matching nails!!

Left Absolutely Nails very very satisified and happy!!!
Off to get my feet massaged next door at "Foot Haven". Double bliss =)))

Good news and special promotions for my readers!! QUOTE "DAWNLEE" and get 10% off all mani/pedi services at Absolutely Nails.

Absolutely Nails
136 East Coast Road
#01-01 Singapore S428821

Tel: 6345 3303

Last but not least, a short video to sum up my wonderful experience here:

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