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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Visit to Aqua Hair Korean Salon

I badly needed a haircut, the last time i trimmed my hair was more than 6 months ago and last week, i finally visited Aqua Hair Korean Salon to fix my hair.

Conveniently located in town, Aqua is easily accessible from almost anywhere. I like their cozy decorations, makes me feel so at home.

The 'kitchen' and TV area where the staff will have their meals and brew coffee and drinks for their customers. I really liked this area, i have not seen any other hair salons with a mini kitchen area.

Another cozy area inside the salon where you can sit around and read some magazines while waiting for time to pass during your hair treatment.

The front treatment area.

Area for hair wash.

I was given a nice warm cup of Korean Tea.

Along with the tea above, i was also given some snacks to munch.

I wanted to change my hairstyle as i was quite sick of my hair, it's so boring. My fringe grew out a lot and the weight of it made my hair looked very flat on top. In my mind, i had lots of things which i wanted to do, like giving it some natural Korean waves, cutting it short, giving it a root perm for some volume, colouring it etc. But of course i couldn't do everything today so i had to choose what i wanted.

My Korean stylist Jessica gave me some suggestions and in the end, we settled with colouring my hair, perming my fringe and trimming the rest of my crown.

And so, my hair makeover begins!!! Curlers were attached to my fringe. The fringe perm not only curled my fringe but it also gave my roots a little more volume so that it wouldn't look so flat, limp and lifeless.

My fringe was then 'heated' up under the steamer/dryer.

Lotion was applied to my curled up fringe and a tower was wrapped around my fringe and head area to prevent the lotion from dripping.

Hair dye was then applied all over my head.

I was then given a hand massage while waiting for the hair dye to set.

Followed by a neck and shoulder massage!!! Ample strength was applied and i really liked the massage.

At this point of time, i was really excited to see how my hair would turn out to be like.

Around half an hour later....

My new hair after the nice stylists blowed my hair dry and gave it some curls.

Check out my new copper orange coloured hair! Finally a change after so many months.

Thanks to my lovely stylist, Jessica for choosing this vibrant colour for me.

Here's the very friendly and pleasant Sophie who was also very excited for me after seeing my new hair.

Love how my fringe curls naturally to the side now, it's not limp anymore and has a life of its own!

Thank you Aqua Hair Korean Salon for the absolutely wonderful treatment and services. The very friendly staff and professional treatment really made my day.

Last but not least, a small video clip to sum up my day:

Aqua Hair Korean Salon
  • 402 Orchard Road, Delfi Orchard, #03-16
  • Singapore 238876
Tel: 6732 8011


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