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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Domino's Pizza launches Popobe Bola Bears!

Domino's is celebrating the football World Cup season by introducing the limited edition Popobe Bola Bears named Pedro, Juan and Eva.

Attended the launch of these very cute and irresistable Bola Bears last week. There are a total of 3 to collect and are very limited in quantity.

The event was held at The Colonial along Scotts Road, a very cozy and spacious place nicely decorated and balloons and comfortable chairs.

Introducing Eva (left), Pedro (middle) and Juan (right). These are the super sized version of the collectibles, only for the purpose of this event.

This is the actual size that is on sale during the World Cup period! Hands and legs can be adjusted.

'Bear-a-selfie' instagram contest was going on at this event and is still ongoing now. Check out domino's facebook page at: to find out how to win.

My very first picture with the Bola Bear.

Me and Eva.

Pedro, my personal favourite because of it's vibrant and striking colour.

Pedro with the word 'Brazil' on his body.

Pizzas, snacks and drinks were served at the event. Pizzas by Domino's of course. I really love the choices of crusts they have, namely, Classic Hand Tossed, Crunchy Thin Crust, New York Crust, Cheese Burst and Cheesy Crust. My choice seldom varies and i mostly stick to crunchy thin crust and/or cheese burst.

Meatballs, chicken drumlets, onion rings were also served.

And one thing which i forgot to take a pic of was the extremely deeeeelicious LAVA CHOCOLATE CAKE from Domino's, i'm not exaggerating but Domino's really serve one of the best Lava Cakes i have ever tried. The rich and warm chocolate fudge oozes out from the soft and moist lava cake when you sink your teeth into it. Must try, believe me, if you're a chocolate lover. Warning, it's very addictive, one bite will not be enough.

Having a good meal with the other lovely bloggers.

To get the Bola Bears, simply purchase either of the Bola Meals from Domino's and add $4.50. Otherwise, they cost $7.50 without the meals. They are not only limited in quantity, they are also only available for a limited time period only.

More information here:


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