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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

[Food Review] Flee Away Cafe

Flee Away Cafe is an old school cafe set with a modern twist and a retro touch. It has a different concept from other cafes, it's a 'Cafe Meets Shop' because it is also a place where you can shop! Cubicles are available inside for vendors to display their unique and vintage merchandises.

One of their specialties is this dish. Was so attracted to the cute little baby in the poster.

Little cubicles that contain merchandises.

The whole cafe was decorated with vintage, quirky items from the past bringing back a very nostalgic feeling.

This table is actually cleverly transformed from a vintage sewing machine. This is the sewing machine my grandma used to have in her room, i think same model, haha. 

Got excited upon seeing these chairs, it has been really really long since i last saw these.

 Spot the Singapore/Singlish edition of 'The Three Little Pigs'.

This TV also found in my grandma's room last time, long time no see too!!

The cubicles are numbered and you can actually buy anything in it if you see anything you like.

Snacks we love when we were in primary school! My favourite was Bee Bee, it was only 10 cents per packet at that time.

Cute vintage Zebra found below the cubicles.

Mango Mint Iced Tea $5.00
Mango juice and tea garnished with fresh mint.

Banana Peanut Butter Milkshake $7.50
This was really thick and filling with small chunks of banana and peanuts inside. If you order this, don't attempt to finish it first, its best to save this for the last so that your stomach has space for all the other fantastic dishes Flee Away Cafe has to offer. I liked this a lot though.

 Next came the Beef Hash Pie Tee at $12.50 for 6 pcs.

Instead of the traditional Pie Tee which has the usual  turnips, eggs, prawns, etc as fillings, Flee Away Cafe offers corned beef and diced potatoes as fillings for their Pie Tees along with some alfafa sprouts.

Our main dishes were their specialty, Le Char Kuey which is gigantic sized Yu Tiao (fried dough fritters) filled with many types of fillings to choose from. Each Le Kuay comes with mini papadams (indian fried crackers) and salad.

 This one we chose was the dry laksa Le Char Kuey, $12.50. It was slightly spicy and accompanied with eggs and fish cake, just like laksa. Tastes heavenly when eaten together with the slightly crunchy and not too oily yu tiao.

We chose 'All Day Breakfast' for the other Le Char Kuey. $15.50 It contains bite-size turkey bacon, eggs, tomato, baked beans, chicken sausages. Basically all the common things you will find in an American breakfast set. We thought this was very innovative!

Back to taking pictures of the whimsical decorations which really attracted me.

 Old movie seats found here too!

Flee Away Cafe
70 Dunlop Street
Singapore 209398
Opening Hours
Tue - Thu: 1100 - 2100
Fri - Sat: 1100 - 2300
Sun: 1000 - 1700
Closed on Mon

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