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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Japan 2009- Hokkaido (Sapporo) Day 1

alright, i know i just started on my Vietnam travel post, but i really can't wait to update about Japan right now, so i'm going to start on this right now and leave Vietnam aside for the moment, will go right back to it once i have completed Japan :)

Japan 2009- Hokkaido (Sapporo) Day 1
on board.
we took the SQ night flight at 11.40pm and reached Narita airport at about 7ish in the morning.

the weather was surprisingly cool for summer, at about 20 degrees only.

at Narita airport, waiting for the domestic flight via ANA to Hokkaido (Chitose airport)
Due to the fact that there is not direct flight from SG to Hokkaido, we had to stopover at Narita first and take a domestic flight from there to Hokkaido.

There was discount for ANA domestic tickets to Hokkaido at 11,000 yen each way for star alliance partners, thus, we were entitled to this discount cuz SQ was our international carrier.

we waited for approximately 3 hours.

Hi Hokkaido :)

at new Chitose airport (an aquarium with a gigantic fish)

at new Chitose airport JR station.
we took the JR train to Sapporo station and transfered to the subway train to our hotel near Susukino area, Nakajima Park station to be exact.

For more info:
From the Airport take the JR train to SAPPORO Station. At Sapporo Station you need to change from the JR side of the station to the Subway Lines.

You can take the subway Nanboku Line to your final station Nakajima Koen Station. (This station is also known as Nakajima Park Station).

Alternately at JR Sapporo Station you can change to the Subway Toho Line.

New Chitose Airport to Sapporo Station by JR train (1040 yen / approx 40 minute ride). These trains run often, so you don't have to worry about missing one, another one will show up in a bit.

Sapporo Station to Nakajima Koen Station (200 yen)
Sapporo Station to Hosui Susukino Station (200 yen)
Both are short 3-5 minute rides from Sapporo Station.

at Nakajima park station (it was about 5 mins walk to our hotel)

our hotel: Business Norte Inn
a very basic hotel, small but clean and walking distance to Susukino, central/shopping district in Sapporo.

(i emailed them for resevations)

street vendors directly opposite the hotel

lots of people walking around in Yukata (Japanese costume) because they were celebrating Yukata festival which only takes place in summer.

cheese chicken from Lawson's (convenience store that is found easily almost everywhere)

a koi pond we saw along the way to Susukino

a shrine we passed by along the way.

the famous Ramen Yokocho (Ramen alley)

inside Ramen Alley where lots of small ramen eateries are located.

Miso Ramen, it's very delicious, but i would suggest Shoyu Ramen, cuz i personally like it alot more than Miso Ramen.

Crab Ramen

Susukino by night

Fireworks near Nakajima park, it lasted for 1 hour!

late night dessert.

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