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Monday, May 11, 2015

[Food Review] The Rustic Bistro

The Rustic Bistro was the brainchild of Chef Eddy Wan who helmed more than 10 years of experience in culinary experience in various hotels and chain restaurants. The Rustic Bistro is located at China Square and aims to deliver good and unpretentious Modern inspired Western cuisine in a casual and relaxed setting that is also friendly to the pockets.

The contrasting colours and creative use of light bulbs to brighten up this place reflects on their creativity and gives it an entire different feel from other restaurants. The menu and notes are scribbled on the black boards.

 This is a very vibrant place and spacious enough for events and corporate parties. Besides, location is prime too.

Some wise quotes to ponder about during dinner.

Refreshing drinks to kick start our meal!

Mushroom Soup. The freshly blended mix of mushroom had a rich, earthy flavor and we enjoyed the clumpy consistency of the soup as we could chew on the bits of mushroom. 

Comes with a piece of crispy toast.

63 degrees egg with caviar and mashed potatoes. This was complimentary from the Chef and off the menu for us. Experimenting with eggs is one of the Chef's specialty and we were very delighted when this was served. Texture of the egg was thick, yet smooth and velvety. Presentation was awesome and we felt like we were dining at a fine dining restaurant.

 Slow cooked Salmon served with risotto and seasonal vegetables. Texture of salmon was firm, yet tender and smooth at the same time. I always feel very healthy having salmon on the dinner table and this was such a guilt free dish for me.

Duck Leg Confit served with mashed potatoes, mesclun mixed natural jus. The portion was huge and generous! The meat was moist and fall-off-the-bone tender! A large part of our enjoyment was derived from savoring the crispy skin with a layer of fat underneath. Sinful but worth every calorie. 

Ended the meal with Warm Sticky Date Pudding with Vanilla ice-creamSuper good that i finished every bit of this despite being very full. It's not cloyingly sweet, and soft and moist. Warmed to the right temperature and when it goes with the vanilla ice cream. 

The Rustic Bistro 
21 China Street, Far East Square Singapore 049563 
Mon to Sat : 11am to 10pm 


Anonymous said...

nice article… simple and useful :)

zerry ht said...

The interior, foodstuff, decoration, lodging and above all in it- the Service, everything was just wonderful. I cherished the day spent at San Francisco restaurants and glad to spent money on something worth. I really had a great time there.


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