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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Day 6 @ Guangdong, He Shan Village

Heshan (鹤山) is a county-level city of Jiangmen in the southern part of Guangdong province of the People's Republic of China.
It is approximately an hour's drive from Guangzhou.

i'm glad to be here, i never realised life could be so simple.

This little village mainly has some shops alongside of a road.

There is practically no traffic regulations here as you can see in the pictures.

We were warmly invited to a night's stay here by my friend's relatives in Guangdong.

i have never seen houses like these before.
They are made of concrete and bricks, like those i often see when watching ancient soap serials.

Having dinner at a seafood restaurant:

Live Silk Worms!!

Cooked Silk Worms!
yes, we had the honour of trying these exotic stuff which are not available here in Singapore.

It tastes crunchy on the outside and tastes like unfresh prawns on the inside.
It is known to be health beneficial and very good for the complexion as it is very rich in proteins.
The locals in China love this.

We ordered a total of 16 dishes.
The plates kept flowing in, one after another.

2 plates of worms (silk worm and another that looks like earth worms)
2 plates of fish (one eel, one sunny fish)
2 plates of veggies
1 chicken
1 bbq pork and such
1 prawns
2 plates of pastries
1 xiang ba bang (i don't know what's this called in English)
1 mussels

and i can't remember the rest.

all these whooped up a cost of approximately SGD100 only.
isn't that so so cheap?

i'm amazed that the locals in China eat almost everything.
bats, owls, lizards, cats, dogs, rabbits, horses.
and the worst that i heard, human placentas. (i heard it from the horse's mouth)

They managed to obtain the placentas illegally thru connections in the hospitals.
and it's said to be very nutritious.
they use it to boil soup.

i just can't imagine!!
that's equivalent to eating human flesh!

At the vegetable and animal farms
It's such a pity that we came here when the sun's down, the scarcity of light makes it almost impossible for us to take in the great view of the vegetable farms during the drive there.

We could only smell them.

These leaves are herbal leaves used to make herbal tea!

Not only these, they plant many of their own fruit trees too!

The people here are reeeealy so simple and nice!
They're so warm, happy and hospitable.
We felt really welcomed here :)

The watermelons are huuuuuuge, red and juicy.
Their skins are used to feed the pigs which they rear.

This is the owner of the farm who is so kind and keeps offering us lots of food to try!

The cousins' grand auntie.

These are fire works!
Yes, those that you see during National Day.
We get to buy them here in China but it's not legal selling them here, you only can get them thru connections.

we took turns lighting up the fire works.

and running away once it's being lit.

The beautiful lights filled up the air, some of which came with a loud screeching sound before exploding into an array of beautiful lights.

It's really nice and fun to try these which i believe is a once in a lifetime experience.

KTV at He Shan Town.
i'm surprised that their KTV looks even more hip than ours.

Sound system is superb!
and the total cost for a 3 hour package for the 6 of us is only around SGD20.
i feel like a queen in Guangdong!

Day 7, back at Guangzhou

i decided to have my hair cut.
SGD9 for cut + wash.

In the cab, going shopping again!

Mouse Street at China Plaza.

The public toilet stinks.
and there's this hilarious sign that says "Shiting is prohibited"
Tell me, what's this toilet for then?

Back at Shang Xia Jiu for some last minute shopping.

Food stalls in abundance.

Curry fishballs, mini 'peacocks', sausages and squids.

end of the trip.

i love Guangzhou, i feel like a queen in Guangzhou. (and a princess in Bangkok :P)
everything is cheap.
shopping is heaven.
massage is sheer bliss.
food is yummy!

but if i ever inspired you to come here, please be warned that this is known to be the most dangerous state in China.

Thieves, pickpockets, robbers and crooks make up 1/3 of the population here according to a local.
I was there for barely 5 days and have already encountered pickpockets twice, luckily nothing was lost, i only ended up with a slashed canvas bag.
Even at a crowded street, you face a high risk of getting your bags snatched.

Beggars and bums fill up the streets.
Leave a plate of unfinished noodles on the table and you'll see it being snatched and eaten on the spot in no time.

The streets are filthy and waterlogged.
Rubbish is everywhere and workers simply sweep all trash from the shops conveniently onto the roads outside.
sewage smell and dirt permeates the air.

Traffic is horrendous!
Traffic lights are merely decorations on the roads.
The drivers seem to be competing for the 'most pedestrians knocked down' award.

The people are extremely rude, loud and unreasonable.
Of course, there are nice ones around but in general, they are really arrogant.

Fake cash notes are circulating everywhere, illegal vendors operate right in front of the police. (though they may run away but the next minute, you see them there again, it's just like watching a show)
Police are like dummies there who are absolutely corrupted.

If you think Bangkok is dangerous, Guangzhou is 5 times worse.

But still, the shopping tempts me to go back :P

My next post will be all my shopping loots which some of you have already seen.
Stay tuned!

P/S my wardrobe has exploded and i have clothes stacked up all over my floor now.
my room really looks like a store room.


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