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Friday, August 11, 2006

Day 5, Guangzhou, Guangdong.

Breakfast at Lido Hotel Restaurant.
This restaurant serves really fabulous milk egg tarts which wobbles and melts instantly in your mouth.
They're incredibly juicy as well!
Besides this, they have really yummy dishes like the following:

2 thumbs up!
it's tasty and crispy.


Honey Pork Ribs.
Finally, i can have my favourite fries after not having it for a few days!

Dim Sum.
This is shaped into a cute rabbit which contains sweet tasting custard fillings.

Exotic dishes like snake soup is also available here.

Waiting time takes around 20 minutes each time we're here.
But it's worth the wait!
I don't mind coming here everyday, i'm sure there are lots of other yummy stuff i haven't tried here.

Shopping at Shang Xia Jiu Road.

This area is buzzling with many youngsters and strewed with creative artworks of artistic statues and such.

Check out the inverted Nike logo!

We saw a mad man going thru the pile of trash nearby.
He's clad in a mini skirt!

The dazzingly vibrant city by night.

You can find many food stalls here with seats aplenty.
But be careful cuz there are many beggers lingering around this area, waiting for a chance to gobble up your leftovers.

Spa + Massage (1hr) + Foot Massage (1hr) at Jun Kang Yue, Guangzhou Hotel.

We had Princess Treatment here, for only SGD30.

Shower, spa, jacuzzi, free flow of food and their food includes main dishes like rice, noodles, dim sum, soup, desserts, fruits.

and even free flow of cigarettes.

and this was the exclusive treatment we got.
this nice attendant even helped us blow dry our hair!

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