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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

i'll turn 24 in around 15 minutes!

don't you find that as you grow older, birthdays are nothing special anymore?
to me it's just another day, maybe a more memorable one than any other day.

i received another gift!
this time, it's an airflown one all the way from Adelaide, from my darling Director Poh!

Thank you so much, i'm plesantly surprised by you.
so sweeeeet!
and no, the earrings are not old fashioned, they're very bohemian in fact and i like it very much!
i'm already thinking of what to match them with~

tomorrow will be a long day lined with activities.
the usual activities, in Singapore, you can only do these few things, it's alwayz the company that matters.

and what the heck, i don't know what kind of genes i've got, i don't look an itsy bitsy bit like 24!
in fact, i feel my appearance didn't change much ever since secondary school, that means i still look like a secondary school kid!

i seriously ponder if i'll still look like 16 when i'm 30.
i suspect i will!
of course i wanna look young when i'm actually older than that but at least look 20 plus when i'm 30, not 16 can?

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