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Sunday, November 02, 2014

[Food Review] Jin Long Seafood Restaurant 金隆海鲜菜馆

Jin Long Seafood Restaurant 金隆海鲜菜馆 has been established for decades in the cozy neighbourhood of Bedok. They started from a very humble stall in a coffeeshop and expanded their business into a full-fledged restaurant to provide a clean and comfortable air conditioned environment for their growing customers

I was introduced to this place earlier this year due to an invitation to a friend's birthday celebration. Was pretty impressed with their dishes and brought my family here few months later again.

Jin Long is now located under a HDB block facing the main road. With it's vibrant signage, it' s hard to miss it when you are at this area. There is a huge car park right at the block.

We were here on a weekday evening and the restaurant was about 80% full so be sure to make reservations before coming.

Following are some honest reviews of some of the dishes which my family and I recommend as we find these to be well executed and worth a mention in my blog.

Spring Onion and Ginger Mussels ($12). This was absolutely fragrant and I really liked the tantalizing aroma of this. Mussels were freshly cooked to perfection and this is one of Jin Long's signature dishes.

Crispy Brinjal with French Beans ($12.80). Unlike many other restaurants, Jin Long serves deep fried brinjals making them crispy on the outside and meltingly soft on the inside. A pretty unique way of cooking brinjals. My mum said they don't even taste a little bit like brinjals at all!

Assorted Pepper Steamed Cod Fish ($13.80/piece). Savoury gravy made up of garlic and green chili. All of us agreed strongly that this dish was really excellent. Fish is extremely fresh and tender. A must-order in my opinion. I've tried other fishes here before but this was the best!

Home made beancurd with Shimeiji and Deep Fried Golden Mushroom ($12.80). Toufu is freshly made from soy milk and egg. Melts in the mouth, just like eating deep fried chawanmushi. Topped with generous deep fried crispy mushrooms. This is also another must-order dish for us, to date, this is already our third time having this dish.

Scallop and Banana with Bak Gua Roll ($15) This is one innovative creation by Jin Long which I have not tried elsewhere before. Bak gua, banana, scallop and prawn all enveloped in this crunchy cocoon of freshly fried batter. The sweetness of the banana kind of takes over everything else, however, the smokey flavours of the bak gua can also be detected.

Th star dish of the night was Lobster Porridge (2 lobsters weighing about 1kg and cost about $98). The broth was HEAVENLY and SO ADDICTIVE that I cannot stop drinking it although I was already quite full by the time this dish arrived. The sweet sea flavours of the lobster left an umami boost which blended so well with the porridge. 

Lobster meat was juicy and succulent.

Thank you for the impeccable service. We will definitely continue to patronize your restaurant, keep the good dishes coming up :)

Location : 412 Bedok North Avenue 2, Singapore 460412
Tel : 6442 9398


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