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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Japan 2009- Hokkaido (Sapporo) Day 3

Japan 2009- Hokkaido (Sapporo) Day 3

walking around in search for Nijo Market

saw the TV Tower from afar

we finally found Nijo Fish Market, if i don't remember wrongly, its quite close to Oodori station.

after much contemplation due to the long queues, we decided to wait and eat here cuz the food seem so good and with such a queue, it couldn't possibly go wrong.

sleeping with king crab!

Cho-toro sashimi- Tuna Belly (premium fatty part of tuna), so yumz and amazingly fresh!

we ordered this set which was ranked number #1 best seller in the stall!

the set consists of sea urchin sashimi on rice

salmon roe (there burst into full flavour when bitten!)

Salmon Belly sashimi

the person in front is the chef who cuts the sashimi into nice edible pieces very patiently.

a very good experience overall, food were amazing and very fresh, this eatery can be found on Nijo market, its along the main road and located at the corner.

Behind me is the Tanukikoji shopping street, the longest shopping street in Sapporo which stretches up to 1km long!

TV Tower

the ice cream shop at the TV Tower sells nice ice-cream

another ice-cream stall here sells superb melon ice-cream!

we had another crab dinner at Kani-Shogun restaurant.
Service is top notched, food is fresh and we had a variety of crab dishes like crab legs, crab sashimi, shabu shabu, crab croquette etc.

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