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Sunday, February 26, 2006

My indulgences this week:

Ipod Nano in black by Apple

Frills Mini!

Some reviews of food i've tried recently:

Imperial Treasure Group Restaurant (Ngee Ann City)

The food here is tremendously good!!
Cooked to an immaculate standard, this restaurant is opened by one of the ex major shareholders of Crystal Jade.
In my humble opinion, the standard here is even better than CJ's.

Lovers of Dim Sum and seekers of authentic Hong Kong cuisine, you've really gotta try Imperial, you'll love this place, i guarantee.

here are more pics and reviews of what we ordered:

Dim Sum: Fried beancurd skin
Skin is crispy, yet delicate.
The fillings are oh, so yummy!

Prawn Dumplings
i'm not a fan of this but i have to say, the prawns are very fresh.

Pan fried Carrot Cake
this melts in my mouth!!!!!!!!
it's heavenly.
Bing says the steamed one is even nicer than this but it's a pity it's sold out by the time we wanted to place our orders.

Rice rolls with prawn fillings (Chee Cheong Fun)
the skin is really soft and tender.
this is one of the best i've tried.

the price range of the dim sum delicacies starts from $3

Mud Ball Porridge
This is another 'ohmygoodnessgracious' to-die-for dish.
it's so wonderful.
no words can describe it. period.
this costs $6.80

i had a fantastic experience here.
all these summed up to a total of $37+
it's great and it's worth every single cent.

Han Ka Ram Korean Restaurant

Starters: some fried tau pok thingy with ikan billis and Kim Chi, the staple of Korean food.
Kim Chi is refillable for the initial 2 times and charged at $2 per plate on the third time onwards.

Ginseng Chicken Noodles.
quite bland and the taste of ginseng is very light.

Chicken Ramyun
this is spicy and it's actually not bad but it's not really worth it cuz it tastes exactly like the korean instant noodles you can find at any supermarkets.
just that more ingredients are added into this.
i won't try this again for a price like that.

Beef Set Meal
i didn't really try this.
it comes with the chicken ginseng soup, beef, grilled fish and a big bowl of Pibimbap.

Beef Pibimbap, made from cooked rice mixed with bits of meat, seasoned vegetables, and egg. It is sometimes prepared with koch'ujang, a red pepper sauce.
this is absolutely yummy!

i'll definitely patronise Han Ka Ram again, but only for their Pibimbap.
i love the Korean metal chopsticks too,
but using them can be quite a chore.
it makes my hands tired.

some information about Korean Table Manners: (extracted from Yunie's post in FA)

-grilled meats first then main dish of either soup with rice or noodles

-koreans will take a sip of the soup before eating anything

-chopsticks are used for side dishes and noodles not RICE, use metal spoon for rice..

-Do not pick up rice and soup bowls, leave on table..

-do not nitpick the food from the dish if u are sharing, take ur own portion out first then pick out what u dont like...

-it is rude to leave uneaten rice in bowl

alrite, more pics!
here's what happens when you put a group of bored people, most of them on leave, together:

(arg, photobucket is seriously taking a goddamn long time to resize my pics, i've been at this for quite some time, will upload these pics tomorrow)

goodnite peeps :)


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