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Monday, March 06, 2006

Nail of the week:

i love them and i hope my nails will never ever grow.

and i bought these at unbelievable prices!!

these costs below USD2.00!!

More reviews of food i had during the weekends:

Imperial Treasure Teochew Cuisine

More pics for all of you!

Stewed Beef with Radish.
the radish is yummy and perfectly textured!
gravy was tasty too, the beef wasn't too bad but they also included the "Niu Jing" i think it's cow veins which i don't really know how to appreciate.
overall, i'll rate it 6/10

Teochew fish porridge
this is heavenly!
the soup is wonderful :good:
and fish is sooo fresh and tender!

Marinated Goose
it's tremendously tasty!
if you're a roast duck lover, you'd love this for sure!

Tau Suan with water chestnuts

Yam Paste with Gingko nuts
oh my god, i've never had anything so nice before!
and i don't really like yam to begin with but this got me totally hooked! :wub:
it really made my day!

they have other stuff like hor fun which smells great (the couple next to me were having that)

i love Imperial Treasure, i want to go there everyday!! (i wish)


Sebastian's @ Greenwood Ave.

A part of Les Amis group restaurants

i went to Sebastian's yesterday for dinner and this was what we had:

Foie Gras (Duck's Liver)
i love pig's liver but i never had duck's liver before.
it tastes very exotic and i can't really find the right words to describe this but i kinda liked it.
it tastes a little raw though.
$25.00 per piece

Duck Contif
this is quite nice, the skin of the duck is crispy but very fattening!

sorry for the poor lighting.
steak wasn't too bad as well.

i can't remember the exact prices for the main courses, they cost approximately $30.

other stuff to try: their lobster bisque!

service was fine, the staff were helpful and friendly.
dear elvy was good to us *laughs*
thanks, friend.

but i won't choose to go back here again cuz i expected way better quality for the price i'm paying to dine here.

well, maybe i'm a perfectionist when it comes to food.

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