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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[Food Review] Koryo Korean Baked Chicken (KBC)

When i was in Seoul, I dined in restaurants serving fried chicken and beer very regularly as they were almost everywhere. Very glad that there's one here in Singapore and the special thing about this restaurant is that they oven bake their chicken instead of frying them! A healthier and guilt free indulgence.

 Centrally located at Pickering Street, Koryo also offers outdoor seating.

 Comfortable sofa seats, long tables for bigger groups are also available indoors.

Takeaway counter for the busy lunch crowd is located right beside the restaurant.

Hite is a Euro Pale Lager Style beer brewed in Korea. It complements the chicken very well.

Free flow potato salad, radish and garden salad were served.

Special home made sauces (soy garlic, hot and spicy, honey mustard, wasabi mayo) to go with the baked chicken.

Here comes Koryo's signature assorted baked chicken. A good mix of chicken breast, thigh, drumsticks. Though it is oven baked instead of fried, it tastes just as good but a little less crispier, however, definitely healthier without the grease.

KBC Whole Roast chicken – served with rice and egg. The presentation of this huge this awed all of us.The gravy from the chicken continued to drizzling on the rice for the next few minutes after it arrived at our table giving the rice even more flavour.

The rice was a tad too moist with gravy and turned out a little too sourish.
However, the tenderness of the roasted chicken made up for this.

The lovely server helped us cut the chicken into smaller chunks so that it is easier for us to eat.

Last but not least came the Cheese Ddeokbokki. Rice cake is a common and popular dish found at many places and restaurants in Korea but this is the first time i am having it with cheese. Melted cheese never fails to add a gooey yumminess to this already very delicious dish!

KORYO- Korean Baked Chicken
3 Pickering St #01-44/45, Nankin Row Singapore 48660

Tel: 6536 0450
Facebook –


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