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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

[Food Review] Pasta J Asian

Pasta J Asian is located at Upper Thomson, in a shophouse diagonally opposite Thomson CC

I was very excited when the owner, John invited me over for a food tasting session and we were giving tasting portions to try out his culinary creations. I wish to state here that this is a paid review, however, all my opinions are genuinely heart felt. (Don't wish to give my readers false hopes when i say something is really good)

There are tonnes of pasta joints in Singapore but it's very rare that you find one which is quite different from the others. Generally, before visiting Pasta J Asian, most pasta i had elsewhere tasted more or less the same to me, but after this visit, i was left very impressed, much so that the taste of his cooking is unforgettable until today. (Not exaggerating here, do read more to find out)

We arrived slightly earlier than the standard dinner time and there were 3-4 tables already filled up.

About 30 minutes later, the crowd started to come in and the restaurant was almost packed to the brim.

The interior of the restaurant is decorated with homely fixtures, framed pictures, posters and magazines to exude a really simple yet homely, classy and quirky feel, perfect for family/friends' gathering.

One of the very cute posters found inside the restaurant..

The only round table found at a cozy corner of the restaurant.

Yes, i totally agree with this! The minute you decide to come here, do kindly leave your dieting plans aside so as to enjoy the food here thoroughly!

Alfresco dining also available if you wish to dine outside and watch the vehicles and people zoom by. This is also a Dogs Approved Area!!! 

Haha, this must have been written by an alcoholic man!

Love the table cloth! Positive words splashed all over and a lovely flower simply brightens up anyone's day.

Here comes our very first dish which is named Muddy Mushroom Soup. Generously filled with chunks of mushroom, the garlic further intensifies the taste of mushrooms in this soup making it very hearty and flavourful. The soup wasn't very thick which i liked as it wouldn't take up much of my stomach space, leaving space for more food!

Next came the Pesto Sauce with crackers. The special thing about this Pesto sauce is that it is hand made from SCRATCH by John. The flavours of basil and garlic as well as other ingredients are so intense and distinct, i'm sure it even goes well with bread. You won't get enough of it and I can still clearly remember it's taste. However, i found the crackers to be a tad too oily.

Our first main dish arrived and this is named "Clammy Addiction" ($17.90). Fresh, sweet clams, succulent prawns paired with streaks of delicious bacon. The pasta absorbed all the aromatic flavours of the ingredients and sauce it was cooked with and we mixed some of the chilli padi at the side with the pasta for a tinge of spiciness. Every strand of pasta was gone from the plate in minutes!

This next main dish is called "Caramel Carnivore" ($16.90). After our first spoonful of this, we both agreed unanimously and determined that this is by far one of the BEST pasta we have ever tasted. It is sooooo different from the rest of the pastas we have tried elsewhere. As the name implies, this pasta is caramelized by heaps of onions until totally dissolved to achieve the desired punch and excellent taste, bone marrow is added to create crunchiness and meat balls are very tender and flavourful. A shot of cream came with it and you can mix your preferred amount into the pasta to make it creamier and further intensify the flavours. This is an absolute MUST-TRY!!!! For me, this is MUST-TRY many times until i get sick of it which i doubt i will!!! (Seriously not an ordinary pasta)

After those wonderful goodness above came another superb dish and this is called the "Super Strip" ($29.90). When John presented it to us, he said that this might probably be the best thing we have ever tasted. With such confidence from John, our expectations were set very high. Served with roasted mushrooms and carrots at the sides, true enough, it didn't disappoint. 

John made a lot of effort in the preparation of the meat so that all moisture is retained and as a result, it was tremendously JUICY when consumed. It is served with NO SAUCE/GRAVY at all. Simplicity is the key and although it may not be the finest cut of meat, it is absolutely one of the juiciest sirloins i've had.

Last but not least came the "Salmon Carbonara" ($29.90). We have almost fully utilized the space in our stomach and feeling rather bloated by now, any other thing we put into our mouths wouldn't have tasted as good as the first few dishes even if they were really that good. However, despite this, I am amazed that we still managed to finish every bit of this!! Salmon skin was crisp and meat was tender, pasta was coated with egg and flavours were piquant.

This was truly an unforgettable meal. We will definitely be visiting Pasta J again and again in the near future!

Pasta J Asian

205 Upper Thomson Road

Singapore 574345
Tel: 90041800
Web Page: (Website is revamping and is currently down at the moment)

Find them and LIKE them in Facebook (Pasta J Singapore) to get in touch with their latest updates.

Facebook URL: 


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