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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[Food Review] Outpost Bar and Bistro

Outpost Bar & Bistro is one of St James' latest establishments. It offers an array of food which are carefully and passionately created by the chef and many kinds of signature cocktails cleverly concocted. On top of these, Outpost Bar & Bistro offers a relaxed and laid back atmosphere, enjoy the music from local bands together with the enticing cocktails here.

It's rather hard to miss this place as it is located near the entrance of St James.

Alfresco area is available for those who prefer somewhere quieter.

The stage where the live bands perform their live acoustics.

Our first dish arrived and this Outpost's signature Trio Mini Burgers. Consist of beef, pork and crab cake respectively.I liked the idea that all the 3 burgers came in different kinds of patties. Fries were freshly cut and went incredibly well with their home made truffle mayonaise.

 Don't let this picture of poor lighting fool you (Apolgies for this). This yummy dish is named "Pork Belly Crushes". Slices of pork belly are fried to perfection with their very tasty batter.

Truffle sauteed Button Mushrooms. This was my personal favourite dish of the night. Mushrooms were very juice and fresh, very simple yet delightful dish of minimal calories.

Seafood Pizza. Unlike most pizzas from other places, Outpost's pizzas are all hand stretched. As a result, crust is softer as the dough doesn't lose as much moisture.

As mentioned above, Outpost's has some very interesting and exclusive cocktails worth mentioning. This one above is named after one of their bands 'Hubbababbas', this shot consists of spice rum, cherry brandy and ameretto. This is a rather sweet concoction because of the ameretto which is a sweet flavoured Italian liquer made of apricots.

This one is called "Princess Jasmine", it consists of tequila, pineapple, triple second and blue karacao. Its rather refreshing and hydrating, i actually finished the whole drink by myself.

Next came the "Outpost Reinsurance". Vodka lies right beneath followed by lime juice and lager beer. I liked this concoction, the beer and lime juice actually masked the taste of vodka, tastes rather fruity but be careful, you may start to act silly after finishing this (fast).

This is called "Angel's Fuck You". This drink lives up to it's name, it has 6 kinds of alcohols inside, namely, Scotch, Bourbon, Spice rum, White rum, Midori and Jager. Quite a fatal concoction i must say. 

Another one of Outpost's Signature Drinks: Outpost's Ice and Fire. I call this a 'birthday drink'. Get the birthday boy/girl drunk and end his night with this deadly drink. It's a pity i was driving that night, otherwise i would have tried this as well.

This is a great place for gatherings with friends and birthday celebrations, not only will the music from the live bands entertain you, the variety of drinks here will be sure to entice you very well too.

Will definitely be back again soon!!!

3 Sentosa Gateway, St James Power Station, 01-11, Singapore 098544
Tel: 9069 1109
Opening Hours: 6pm to 2am (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday), 6pm to 3am (Wednesday and Sunday), 6pm to 4am (Friday and Saturday)

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